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Shock, as magistrate orders everybody out

Broadhurst magistrate Ginnai Jensen yesterday shocked many when she ordered all, including journalists and an on duty police officer to leave the courtroom, when Mmutlenyane Ramogaladi, a rape accused of ‘Ota imentioner’ fame appeared before her.

Ramogaladi’s secretly shot video went viral on Facebook with the slogan ‘#Ota imentioner’ showing him vowing not to come for the next mention.

Ramogaladi arrived at the court under heavy escort from the police, including Special Support Group (SSG) officers. 

When Mmegi team arrived at Jensen’s court, there were a few people waiting for the court proceedings to commence.

Before the court proceeded with the agenda of the day, Jensen made an announcement that the use of mobile phones, recording videos or taking photos inside the courtroom is prohibited.

Usually this kind of announcement is made by the police officers on duty in each courtroom, but Jensen, who appeared angry, shocked court attendants when she made the announcement herself.

“Be warned that the use of mobile phones, taking pictures or recording videos inside the courtroom is prohibited,” Jensen said.

As usual cases were called in and addressed. When the court reporter called in Ramogaladi’s case Jensen interrupted her and ordered everyone to go outside.

“For security reasons, I would like everyone in this courtroom to go outside as the next case will be addressed without any attendants

present before court,” Jensen said.

The journalists who were present asked if they should remain behind, but Jensen would have none of it.

“Sorry darling please excuse me,” briefly said Jensen as she watched the journalists and other court attendants filing out of the courtroom.

As if that was not enough, she also instructed the police officer on duty inside her court to go and stand by the closed door. In the leaked video that was shot inside the courtroom, Jensen and Ramogaladi are shown exchanging harsh words with the irate Ramogaladi calling the magistrate a witch.

In the video Ramogaladi said, “Wena o seka romelwa boloi mogo nna, o tswe mo boloing, gake batle motho yo nkalang jaaka a rata, ha ele gore ke wena o emetseng case e o mpolelele gore waitse, di 12 keya sepatela, bomma di 12 ke tabo ke seyo bolelelang mme yoo gore di 12 nna keya sepatela sa bothokwa.

Wa itapisa, ga lena go dirisa hush because prison e tabo e itse gore keya sepatela, yeo keya gago tsamaela koo, ota imentioner, tsamaya moloi, tsamaela koo”.




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