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Govít Should Learn To Consult

Batswana have over the years decried lack of consultation by government on issues that affect them. The issues have been raised by both government employees and the civil society
By Monitor Editor Mon 23 Oct 2017, 15:28 pm (GMT +2)
The Monitor :: Govít Should Learn To Consult

The National Committee of Secretaries (NCC) is currently considering taking government to court for contempt. One of the reasons why the employees decided to take legal action against their employer is the very lack of consultation that everyone keeps talking about.

The NCC took Directorate of Public Service Management (DPSM) to court over a new scheme, which altered terms of progression drastically without consulting them. The new scheme of course came with new qualifying criteria rating system. “This means for us to qualify for progression/ advancement, we will have to satisfy additional competency based requirements that were not originally there.

This is a variation of our existing contracts of employment and it was done without consulting us, or giving us the opportunity to give representations as the affected parties, as has always been the standing practice,” states the employees. Our government, which we expect to be exemplary in jealously guarding and protecting the rights of employees, seem to doing the opposite. What is wrong with consulting people?

Why does it seem like our government does not believe in consulting its people when making decision on


issues, which affect its society. Issues that could have been resolved timely and amicably often drag, and in the process dig deep into the taxpayers’ money.

Had government consulted its employees, and included them in the process of creating the new scheme, things would have gone a lot smoother as compared to lodging a case with the courts. Politicians, especially those from the opposition have many times labeled the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) as arrogant and not caring about the welfare of its people.

The government has since ignored a court order, which was forcing the employer to set aside the Competency Based Career Path (CBCP), which was introduced by DPSM in 2015. The government was given eight months from the date of the order (January 27,2017) to have revised and corrected the scheme, but has done nothing.

What message is our government sending? Doesn’t this show lack of commitment on their part? The government should be exemplary in obeying the laws of the country because this might be taken to mean there is nothing wrong with not abiding by the law.


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