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NEDC looks after the needy

FRANCISTOWN: Within the year, a policy by the North East District Council (NEDC) to house homeless and poverty stricken residents will fall in place with 20 houses in various villages at completion stage.
By Pini Bothoko Fri 11 Oct 2013, 17:18 pm (GMT +2)
Mmegi Online :: NEDC looks after the needy

NEDC has been constructing one house each in the following areas: Patayamatebele, Moroka, Shashe Bridge, Jackalas No.2, Matshelagabedi, Makaleng, Mbalambi, Matopi and two houses in each village of Masingwaneng, Tsamaya, Themashanga, Gulubane, Tati Siding and Zwenshambe.

The project started in 2012 and some have already been completed and occupied. Other houses are left with only water connections before prospective owners can move in. The deputy council secretary, Sebonego Mosinyi, is happy with the success of the policy predicting that by March 2014, all the houses would have been completed and occupied.

In August, at a full council meeting held in Masunga the council chairperson City Kealotswe disclosed that even though plot allocation delayed the commencement of the construction, 20 houses had by then been finished and were now benefitting the needy in their respective villages.

Said an upbeat Mosinyi in a telephone interview with Mmegi: "The construction of the two bed-roomed houses with sitting room, toilet and a kitchen are almost finished.  "The houses have had water connected to them and connection to the remaining houses is currently ongoing," said Mosinyi.

Mosinyi said that he was proud that the project was progressing well even though the water installation delayed the progress. When reached for comment Tati Siding councillor Ruth Dlodlo who complained at the full council meeting about the delay in connecting water to the houses said that she was happy that the identified destitute people have started occupying their houses. According to Dlodlo, those still waiting for their houses were accommodated in Village Development Committee houses.

Meanwhile, NEDC has formed a poverty alleviation project and another housing project for the destitute.

The housing project, which includes brick moulding is based at Tsamaya village.

The coordinator of the project, Shanganani Palalani, said since the project started 18 people have been housed and construction of other houses is going on.

"We identify people in the district without proper accommodation to work in the brickyard and sell the bricks to the community.

"These people are paid every month and given bricks for free to construct houses of their choice," he said.

Palalani explained that the council also pays for the construction of the houses. He said they deduct a certain percentage of money from the workers' monthly wages to buy other building materials.


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