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UDC temporarily blocks KAA re-run

KANYE: Umbrella for Democratic (UDC) councillor Kennedy Otlaadisa has won a court order to block the re-election of Kanye Administrative Authority (KAA), which was billed for yesterday (Tuesday).

The re-run was called after council secretary, Poloko Mojalemotho and the Principal council attorney, Sylvia Fologang-Matenge nullified the results of elections, which were held on May 22.

Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) councillor, Katlego Pelekekae had won the chairmanship against fellow party member and former chairman, Tlhomamo Dibeela.

Otlaadisa had also won the vice chairmanship but the two leaders were ordered to vacate their seats on May 24 following nullification of the results.

The argument was that the presiding officer used the Southern District Council (SDC) standing orders instead of the Local Government Act to run the elections.

The standing order 80 of SDC states as follows: “A chairperson and vice chairperson shall have the right to attend any committee or meeting but have no right to vote at the meetings”.

On Monday, Otlaadisa made an urgent application before Justice Abednego Tafa to block the re-election scheduled for the following day.

Before the court order was read, BDP councillors exchanged bitter words, telling Pelekekae that he had no authority to preside over the council meeting as he was dethroned the previous week.

“You are not the chairperson because

I believe you were here when the council secretary and attorney nullified the results.

This simply means that you have no power to seat in front of us and say anything,” Alec Seametso, the defeated SDC chairperson, charged.

The council was adjourned for some minutes to allow amendment of the agenda items and give councillors time to cool down and caucus.

After the adjournment, the attorney Fologang-Matenge informed the house that they were summoned to court on Monday afternoon but they were not ready to file their response.

She said Justice Tafa however ruled that the current leadership should remain in their seats until June 6 when he will deliver the ruling on the matter.

The order further said the council should file their response on May 31 and the court will have reached its verdict on June 2.

The two parties will appear before Lobatse High Court on June 6.

The house immediately agreed to wait for the High Court decision and respect the current leadership.

Interestingly, Seametso pleaded with the councillors to give the leadership, which he referred to as “interim”, the much-needed support.





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