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Family comes first

Every day when I wake up, I always make a point to be thankful for another day. Whether I live through the day is something I never lose sleep over.

Personally, I would prefer to stop breathing during the day as opposed to kicking the bucket at night.

Well, assuming it happens when I am asleep and oblivious to St Peter’s call up, I would really appreciate it if it doesn’t then take my loved ones hours to discover that I slipped away while they peacefully slept.  That would hurt them.

You see family; they always think and see themselves as super heroes. They truly think they can prevent and stop any harm on their loved ones.

In their minds they can jump in front of a moving train to save you, or jump right inside a raging inferno to rescue their own. Don’t we all want families like that, loving families? Who love with unconditional love?

Sadly not all families are like that. If all families were tight like that then we wouldn’t have this strange word ‘witchcraft’ in our vocabulary.

Rapunzel’s story would have never been authored. When families don’t get along, when their differences escalate into hate, even murder, you have the definition of that word.

I will be the first to admit that family members can sometimes really push one’s buttons, set you off like a missile and if like me, born with a very short fuse then chances are it wouldn’t end well.  It never does.

The difference between me and other people though, is that in the midst of my rage I always remember that I only have one family, while others, well, they are still languishing in jail.

A day ago I stayed up all night to watch this other crime channel on television. It is fair to say I am now addicted to this particular channel, not so much because people commit heinous crimes on it,  even get away with the crimes, I ‘prefer’ the channel because I only watch reality television, real stuff not make-believe stuff.

Last time my children made me buy a very costly decoder, HD or something. The theory (or lie) I was told was that the decoder makes the pictures on TV look almost real, life-like.

The first channel I checked after buying that decoder was the cartoon network, I was dead sure I was going to see

Tom’s sweat for the very first time. The poor cat has been chasing that rat even before I was born. I was disappointed.

There are families that do not talk to each other anymore, they don’t even think about each other either.

The only time they do is when another second round of fights erupts; when they start pointing fingers at each other, swearing even attributing all sorts of misfortunes on one another.  Misfortunes would be sickness, death, loss or lack of jobs, even a broken nail.

So when I read, last week, on a local paper, a story about a family that was feuding over..wait for this, a CAT I could not help it but laugh! A cat? That four legged blue-eyed (or is it green) sharp nailed piece of fluffy mess that growls when happy or agitated, yes that same one!

That creature, which really belongs in the woods with other dangerous felines, but because it is lazy and a fraud, which somehow ended up cohabiting with humans while the rest of its cousins went out to fend for themselves out in the wild.

Yes the same cat, the one that when spun around a thousand times then thrown up the roof at full speed will still land on its four legs! A family was fighting over that, that same creature!

Most times, families feud not because they hate each other, but because they don’t share the same viewpoint. Usually the ones who feel patronised cause the most scenes.

When they feel that others are trying to impose their warped beliefs and viewpoints on them, they will revolt and do so spectacularly! We all have such aunts and uncles. When things don’t go their way, the family meeting will simply adjourn.

Can drama with family be ever avoided? Not a chance. What would life be like without that uncle who comes to family meetings fashionably late, agitated and high as a kite?

What would life be like without that sibling of yours who always feels they are left out of ‘consultations’ and are ‘treated as children’?

Life is fun when you are the family black sheep, everybody concludes your head got a little knock at birth.

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