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Murder Accused Gets 10 Years For Friend’s Murder

FRANCISTOWN: A 35-year-old Mahalapye man, Mompoloki Tshireletso was late last week sentenced to 10 years in prison by the Francistown High Court for the murder of his close friend, Olebile Mosarwa.

Tshireletso escaped capital punishment after the presiding judge, Barnabas Nyamadzabo found that there were extenuating circumstances in his case. Nyamadzabo noted that Tshireletso grew up in a single parent family and only went as far as Form Three in his education. 

He said the environment in which Tshireletso grew up coupled with his little education might have been amongst factors that led to him committing the offence.   The judge also said that alcohol played a role during Tshireletso’s commission of the offence. 

The deceased and the convict were friends and on the day of the incident they were planning to help at a neighbour’s wedding but due to their intoxication from alcohol they had a misunderstanding that led to the Mosarwa’s death.  He went on to say that, prior to the commission of the offence, the convict was a first time offender and a law-abiding citizen.

 Nyamadzabo further stated

that the accused’s conduct while under custody (after killing his friend) is amongst factors that earned him a lighter sentence.

“The convict has also been in prolonged custody from the year 2011 to 2013, during which other convicts escaped from prison, but he did not even attempt to run.”

 According to Nyamadzabo the sentence will include the time Tshireletso has already spent in custody (from 2011 and 2013).

  Records availed in court state that on or about December 3, 2011 Tshireletso unlawfully caused the death of Mosarwa in Mahalapye by stabbing him to death with a knife.

 Additionally, information obtained from the court indicates that on the day of the murder the two  ‘friends’ were from a drinking spot and on their way to attend a neighbour’s wedding.

While on their way to the wedding they had a misunderstanding, which led to Tshireletso stabbing Mosarwa to death.




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