CWB adds impetus to grassroots cricket

The visiting British charity organisation, Cricket Without Boundaries (CWB), has added more impetus on the grassroots cricket of Botswana, which is still at a development stage.

CWB, a charity organisation that spreads the awareness of HIV/AIDS through cricket, has been in the country since last week.

They conducted a number of coaching clinics in primary schools in Thamaga, Kumakwane, Lobatse, Ramotswa and Otse.

During one of the coaching sessions at Botswana Cricket Association (BCA), Sam Stevenson, one of the CWB officials stated that since their visit they have been touring schools teaching students the basic skills and rules of cricket.

“We have coached quite a huge number of close to 500 students per session. It was just the basic skills that an upcoming cricketer should learn during the early stages,” she said.

Stevenson was impressed with the feedback from the students during the coaching clinics, stating that there is a great cricket potential in the country and the students need a dedicated coach who, will be coaching them constantly.

The CWB team also consisted of cricket experts like Greg Mackett, who is currently coaching North London Cricket Club (NLCC).

During the coaching sessions, teachers received level one cricket coaching lessons, which is an England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) coaching programme.

Stevenson further mentioned that during the coaching clinics they were sensitising the students on HIV/AIDS awareness.

“Students were sensitised that cricket skills are in line with HIV/AIDS prevention methods, the batting technique is the same as protecting yourself and your family from HIV/ AIDS thus you will be covering the wickets from being hit by the ball.

“Bowling and fielding is in line with being faithful to your partner thus you will be making sure the ball does go beyond the boundaries,” he explained.

The results are linked to one testing their HIV/AIDS status.

Close to 250 students attended the coaching clinic that was held at BCA on Friday morning.

Starting today (Monday) up to the end of the week, CWB will be conducting coaching clinics in Francistown.

The CWB team conducts coaching clinics in Kenya, Uganda, Cameroon, Rwanda and Botswana on an annual basis.Meanwhile, the national senior men’s team acting coach, Joseph Angara missed his flight to South Africa for the ongoing T20 championships, which is hosted in South Africa due to visa related issues. Botswana lost its first match to Kenya by six wickets.

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