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Last week we answered the question, is it boring to be a Christian? I was making reference to a conversation I had with a new friend about her fears that if she left her current life, she would be bored.

She sought specific practical tips for what she could do with her time in order to live a more fulfilling life and not compromise the moral standard that she now believes God has for her.

So, today’s article is going to be different. I am just going to list out some ideas for things I do for entertainment in hopes that if others are asking the same question -“I know what I am doing is wrong on weekends and it leads me to a lot of trouble, but honestly what other option do I have for entertainment?”

In no particular order, I will outline things I personally find fun. I am focusing on activities that leave me with no regrets, add value to my life and produce no need to lie or hide what I am doing when others ask “what did you do last night?” I would LOVE to hear from you also to hear what YOU do for fun! J Write me on my Facebook page: Mom to Mom: Parenting Consultations or e-mail  HYPERLINK “mailto:[email protected][email protected]

Invite friends for dinner. If money is tight, then plan a menu in advance and split cost by either all paying a portion of the grocery bill or each person bring a dish to share. Another option is to pick a delicious looking meal out of a cookbook and then invite friends over and cook the meal together so that the mundane task of cooking becomes an interesting Friday night event.

During dinner, TURN OFF the TV and TALK! I personally have invested in some conversation starter cards. You can skip that investment and google intriguing questions to ask others or just think of thought-provoking questions. The point is to get to know each other and talk about interesting topics that stimulate the mind and help you connect on a more intimate level with your friends.

Host games nights at your house. There are SO many fun group games that will inevitably lead you to barrels of laughter and fun! Skip the dinner and just ask each person to bring a snack if budget is an issue. Then, just play games together. My personal favourites are 30 seconds, Charades, Rummikub, and Outburst. Games nights with other families are also a great way to have fun and involve your children as well.

Kids LOVE watching their parents play games and act a bit silly! Bond and deepen your parental relationships while competing as a family against another family in a game! This will break down typical parent child relationship creating a familiarity which will help your child ultimately feel more comfortable with you. Fostering a feeling of comfort within your immediate family leads your children to approach you with their problems with more ease – which is good because then you can give them more wise advice than their peers I hope!

Find a local charity or identify a need in your community and spend a Saturday blessing others. Go to an orphanage. Tutor children in a neighborhood where you know their parents are probably not helping. Identify a child who hasn’t had a good meal and make them one or take them out. Visit a hospital and ask to speak to the patients who are there for long term so you can pray for them or just sit and chat to offer them fellowship. Be creative but find a way to serve others and I guarantee when you lay your head on your pillow that night, you will feel a great sense of purpose and satisfaction knowing that your life mattered to someone today!

Exercise! Working out releases endorphins which physically make you feel better! It releases stress and increases your energy levels! Who needs drugs? Just go for a jog! J Exercise produces dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter in the brain that’s responsible for feelings of pleasure and happiness. You may be saying you can’t afford the gym. Go for a hike! We have so many beautiful hills to climb all around Botswana. Go for a walk. Do some calisthenics at your house. Join a basketball or football game. Just get your body moving and your heart rate elevated!

Dance! I did not include this in the previous exercise because to me this is a fun option all on its own! Our family frequently has little dance parties in our sitting room! The kids love when we have family dance parties and they laugh judging my husband and me on who has the best moves! Bond, laugh, and get a little exercise and laughter in the process by dancing!

Our family frequently bakes a plate of biscuits, writes nice encouraging notes and then do surprise deliveries to someone we know had a tough week. It is fun to bake and then more fun to have the privilege of making someone’s week a little brighter with a small gesture of kindness.

Travel! Botswana and surrounding countries have so many beautiful sites. Go enjoy God’s creation and admire His beautiful handiwork!

Okay, I think that is enough to get your creative juices flowing. Enjoy life! Have fun! You do not have to compromise your moral integrity to live an exciting fun life! J After all, I believe God desires us to enjoy this gift of life He has given us. That is why He promises in John 10:10 that He came to give us an ABUNDANT life! Don’t be deceived or tricked to think God’s commands to stay away from certain things are cramping your style! He is actually trying to free you and guide you to live a more abundant life of no regrets.

Ashley Thaba is a popular author, life coach, and motivational speaker. She also facilitates corporate team building and wellness activities. You can view some of her work on her YouTube channel:

Ashley Thaba.

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