I Was Robbed

I WAS ROBBED THIS WEEK!  If you have been reading these columns or following me on Facebook, then you know my husband and I embarked on a faith journey last year to create a television show that would hopefully strengthen families across the nation.

We went around the country looking for a sponsor but no one would sponsor although everyone agreed the show was immensely needed, as it is no secret the family units are deteriorating which causes negative effects on every sector of society – from education, to crime, to divorces, to GBV, to corruption, etc. When strong families are absent, strong people are absent.

My husband and I felt God saying, “Do this anyway. Trust me to provide the finances needed to produce a show.” Three months ago, we began the arduous task of producing a top quality television show. This was harder than I could have ever imagined for one main reason – getting 40 audience members to agree to come on the show each Saturday we filmed. The concept of the show is that each audience should be unique and able to ask my husband and I whatever questions they want about our marriage. I would spend countless hours inviting hundreds because so many wouldn’t keep their promises when they said they would come, so to get 40, I would have to invite maybe 200.  I did this for 13 different episodes. Two specific episodes were absolutely amazing! The effects of substance abuse on marriage and the effects of in-laws in marriage. For substance abuse, my father in-law – an amazing Kalanga man whom I deeply respect agreed to go on national tv and do the unthinkable for this culture. He agreed to share about his 42-year battle with alcohol and how it wrecked his life in so many ways – from age 18 until age 60 he tried to break free from the prison of alcohol but the pull was too hard. At age 60, he finally broke down before God and asked God to make him a new man. For the past three years, he hasn’t taken a sip and he credits that all to God’s working power. In that episode where he shared his touching testimony of exactly what was affected in his life, people in the audience began to get real. They had never heard of an older man sharing his story so openly.

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