State Media: Politics and power

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Mass Media

Although we have talked ad nauseam about how democratic we are as Botswana, we have avoided transforming some of the institutions that are critical to our democracy such as the State News Media.

Only desultory attempts have been made to reform this institution since independence in 1966. In the following discussion we attempt to show why this institution was established and how it has been used as an instrument of national development and abused as a political propaganda tool.

In this discussion we adopt the title ‘State News Media’ because news is power. Let’s first agree that what we refer to as State News Media is nothing else but government information services.

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Our hopes are on you!

The elections had two teams namely: Team Reshaping MISA and Team Integrity. All Team reshaping MISA member won except for one candidate for the Secretary post. One can say it was a long road to the elections, looking at the fact that it took four years for the elections to be held. MISA board elections are supposed to be held every two years, but they could not be held in time due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected many...

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