Robbery at News Caf

Morning family and friends. I now understand how shock can lead to ones untimely demise.

Last night, completely knackered after a very long, hectic day, including prosecuting in the on-going disciplinary proceedings of a football team at the BFA which started at 5.30 pm till around 9.00 pm, I swung by News Cafe restaurant, Gaborone, on my way home for a glass of something and take-away food to eat at home.

Whilst waiting for the food, still engrossed in The  Voice newspaper to catch up, there immediately ensued a stampede, people running for cover, chairs flying in the air, and, so, I had to flee without knowing what the hell (pardon my French) was going on. I found myself running helter skelter with a few other “visitors”in the Mondior hotel where we didn’t have rooms. I didn’t think the toilet was the safest place, but then not one hotel room was open for me to just run into for cover, assuming it was a safe place.  At that stage, I still didn’t know why I was running for cover. The trauma levels increased every quarter of a second. There are small plants within the hotel (yes, plants).  I tried to hide behind them. I was going a bit insane. How do you hide behind those thin plants? Desperate is an understatement.  A few moments later, a few people started congregating at the hotel lobby, hearts pumping so loud you could hear from a distance.  It is only then that I learnt that three armed robbers “landed” with a corolla, armed with pistols and wearing black masks, made all sorts of orders, including orders that people must lie down, at the other side of the restaurant, and made away with phones, tablets, ladies’ bags, and many other valuables.  They opened a till which did not have the money. It was a blitzkrieg. It took no more than 2 minutes. They were fast and furious.  The get-away Corolla was packed just outside, by the small gate which they used to enter and leave. Shock and awe! I’m still traumatised. No physical harm caused though. God is great!

Editor's Comment
Implement the recommendations Mr. President

The nation is eagerly awaiting this report to have a glimpse of what the recommendations are like, possibly for further debate. Mr. President, it’s our ardent hope that true to your promises, the public will have an opportunity to peruse the report and see if it reflects their interests as the Commission went around the length and breadth of the country collecting views of the people with some choosing to write to the Commission’s...

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