Open letter to the newly ‘elected” BMDYL President Phenyo Segokgo


Mr President let me congratulate you for winning the presidential seat.

I did not use the word attain on purpose Mr President, because my dictionary tells me the word attain means achieving something that you have worked hard for, but Mr president it is hard to tell whether you really worked hard for the seat or not.

But whether you deserved to win or not is a story for another day. All though I was at the congress and I did see a lot of questionable things, I did not write this letter to talk about what I saw.

The intention of this letter is not to initiate a debate on whether your win was credible or not but to comment on a few things that I feel you and your newly elected team should work on.Mr President please be advised that at the end of your 2 year term you will be expected to write a fully-fledged report on what the Youth League has managed to do to and what it did not manage to do.

A report is not an essay, please do not treat it as such, and do not write it as such. One of the main advantages of being in the BMD  is that we have all youth from all walks of life, with all sorts of talents, if you as the president are failing to do something you can ask the youth to help you, for example I am very talented in writing, I Could teach you how to write a report. Because Mr President the composition that you gave us on the 2nd of May did not sit well with me.Mr President you may be aware that the Youth League is broke, while you are in office we need you to join hands with the youth of this movement and raise funds not only for the league but for the party as a whole. You should also try to form youth structures in all the branches and work hand in hand with them that should be done as soon as yesterday.

Mr President please note that you should also try to re-brand the Youth League, the one that has been in office the past 3 years has been under-performing, from 2015 0n wards we need a youth league that will comment on the issues concerning the youth, not only on party level but nationwide. The BMDYL has been one of the least performing ever since its formation, I challenge you to resurrect it from the dead Mr President, to give the BMD Youth a New hope. To help the BMD Attract new youth members in the party.I should give credit when its due Mr President, you are a good public speaker, you are friendly, you are liked by people those are  attributes of a good leader, but please note Mr President that leaderships not about attributes, it is  about results and we really hope you give results because the country is watching, the BMD is watching and most importantly the youth of the BMD are watching, waiting and hoping for the better.


Ms B. Nakedi

BMD Youth Member

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