Letter to Amon and others

Unity Dow
Unity Dow

Dear Sirs. This letter is addressed to all you men who have engaged in sexual relations with young girls, especially in cases where a pregnancy has resulted.

One of you, Cllr. Kemmonye Amon, a Councillor from Sebina, has publicly admitted to having undermined my ministry’s efforts to give every Motswana child access to education. He has, according to media reports, made a 16 (17?) year old girl pregnant. He is just one of you, for there were 407 girls who dropped out of school due to pregnancy, in the past 12 months. Some of these girls were young enough to be your children, perhaps even your grandchildren.

Cllr. Amon is therefore not alone, but it was his activities of about five or so months ago that have lit the passions of people, young and old; across political, religious and educational divides – people who are saying “enough is enough!” People are demanding discipline, self- respect and accountability, but above all else, a little regard for the lives of those weaker than you - weaker physically, weaker financially, weaker status wise. When you, all of you, chose to have sex with these children, you were making a statement; that their futures do not matter.

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