COSBOTS Goes The Digital Monitoring Route

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One of the biggest challenges that has been facing COSBOTS as a collection management organisation (CMO) is that there are a large number of users of music, whose operations are reliant on music and the absence of this commodity would negatively impact their business prospects.

Notwithstanding the importance of music to these entities, they frequently do not want to pay an adequate royalty rate for usage. 

For COSBOTS to be able to achieve a fair and equitable distribution, the CMO needs to be able to have as accurate information as possible on the usage of music, which COSBOTS will match to the membership information in its database.

This therefore means that the organisation also needs to have detailed member information that will be sufficient for use in the process of matching.

The absence of adequate information, both from a user perspective as well as from members, makes it difficult to distribute as it impacts the operational efficiencies of the organisation.

 In order to surmount the aforementioned challenges, especially the challenge of obtaining accurate information about usage of music, COSBOTS has contracted the services of BMAT Licensing, S.L.U. (BMAT), a Spanish company based in Madrid to provide it with monitoring services.

The services of BMAT cover music monitoring that encompass audio identification across radios, TVs and venues, using the company’s in-house solution which is based on audio fingerprinting technology.

BMAT’s system has the ability to enrich the match reports with customers’ identification codes thus providing COSBOTS with tailored reports for use in its daily operations.

BMAT has developed Vericast, the global music identification service that monitors sound recordings worldwide on behalf of collective management organisations, publishers, record labels, and their respective associations and digital distributors so that they can implement a more transparent, efficient and fair copyright distribution system.

The company started in 2005 when a group of engineers with a passion for music decided to create a company, the company started with an idea -, to index all the music in the world -, a mission - to better the music eco-system -, a customer -YAMAHA -, and a team of audio technology experts, eager to learn how to build a successful business.

After a couple of years flirting with a vast portfolio of technologies, BMAT decided to focus activities around music monitoring services and built a service that could track any public communication of music.

Since then the company has grown to service more than 100 Collective Management Organisations and over two thousand record labels and publishers.

Today their monitoring platform delivers 92 million identifications monthly and overviews 230 million digital transactions hourly.

From the point of view of COSBOTS, this system has the potential to improve the efficiencies of the organisation and increase by an exponential factor, its ability to match users information against members information, which is provided by artists when they notify their works.

It is important however to note that most of the notified works for the domestic repertoire within COSBOTS is currently stored on CDs and there is therefore a need to convert these works into digital metadata and upload them as MP3 or MP4 files onto the company database.

Only when this has been done, will the BMAT system be able to work efficiently and allow for COSBOTS to achieve the desired goal.

COSBOTS is currently hard at work converting and uploading the work onto the database system and this exercise is expected to start yielding results in the not so distant future in order to ultimately benefit the creators of songs.

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