Batswana React To Poll Results

Kefilwe Veronica Mooketsi
Kefilwe Veronica Mooketsi

Here is what some of our readers had to say on our Facebook Page following the just ended elections

Kefilwe Veronica Mooketsi

Dr E.K.Masisi deserves to be on that seat, he is politically mature and he only wants peace n tranquility for Batswana, he joined politics to serve and represent us Batswana well, because within the short period he was the president before the elections he did show that indeed he wanted to take us to heights, that is to say even the way he addresses a lot of issues about our country and us, there is no benefit of a doubt, 


Nnete Khiswa

I’ve so much faith in elected people from both the ruling and opposition parties. I just wish they can put aside their political differences and work together for a better Botswana. Issues should be debated looking at what is best for Botswana and her people, not what works for a certain party or group of individuals.

They should desist from sabotaging others’ ideas which would otherwise move Botswana forward. I urge them to debate issues respectfully ba sa nyenyafatsane. Lastly, they should rely on God for guidance and wisdom by dedicating themselves and their work to him on daily basis. Re ba lebile and 2024 is not too far. I wish them the best in their new mandate.

Ononofile Tlaang

I hope the opposition has finally learnt that a fragmented opposition has no impact. No matter who is in power Batswana need a formidable opposition that will keep the governing party on its toes.

So it’s time opposition parties merged, formed one party and finally become a serious challenge to BDP. Le gone e sa nne opposition just for the sake of it but offering constructive criticism and a viable alternative way of running the country.

Base Muller

Elections has come and gone, let be peace, and invest more energy on taking this country forth, for those who we overwhelmed and made those difficult and which can divide our societies, please it was only pressure for the election we do understand. Please stay.

Lizoe Dabudabu

Spoilt votes are a concern unless one spoils it purposefully but I don’t think so. Hence bo nthompheng should also stand up and workshop their followers on how voting is done and what it means for a ballot paper to be spoiled. This should not be the duty of IEC only, politicians should stand up and educate us bcz we vote for them not for IEC.

Francis Thabang Mankgane

Back to reality. 5 years of unemployment, no employment creation targets from the winners manifesto. Great income inequality continues. Poor public health care. Poor public education. Anyway majority opted for this. Status quo. Business as usual

Tunah AP Moalosi-Kgokong

We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed, mocked but not ashamed.
Ke rona ko AP! Re itsege ka kagiso le mowa wabo ikgwabalatso.

2024 A New Botswana

Young King Wa Motsamai

Re lekile hare lekileng teng ko bpf. Mekaloba e ole

Kebbs Mmaagwe T Mahupela

Ditlhopho went well, congratulations to BDP and all parties at large... Now it’s time to deliver what has been promised, but my President work on labour rates again, cost of living is high we really can’t survive P1, 400, P1, 500, P1, 800 salary, we pay rents, transport cost, clothing cost, majority of people who voted for you are low income earners, but bcs they believe in you ba rumile wena Tautona, can it be new Botswana with new life atleast, ba utlwele botlhoko Motlotlegi..

Kgomotso Dudu Monageng

Humility, consultation, and resilience always become triumphant. We chose a man that epitomised all that we envisioned in a leader; BOTHO.

He endured so much yet he sailed past all that for the love of his party and his people. A man who has given us reason to give a chance once again to the BDP and him as President Elect. We are here and now look unto him to walk his talk. To deliver to his people. The electorates spoke, it’s time for him to respond!

Boammaruri Masendu

Congratulations to all parties that participated you are all winners, regardless of the outcome. I hope and pray that the BDP will deliver on its promises, It’s sad to see the same situation recur or even worsen but the same party retaining governance.

Fest King Pac

batho ba south ba tlhophile homeboy ya bone will it be fair if ppl from north do the same next g elections? I still question the free & fairness of elections. the president has too much powers to manipulate the election campaign & elections that negatively affects the performance of opposition parties.

media was biased to the ruling party & works tirelessly to discredit opposition
batswana provides wrong reasons why they vote bdp hence wrongs ways of celebrating victory. critics over udc manifesto was a sign of a lost society

Hlonipho Ndlovu

During election campaign each and every responsible citizen were just perplexed and bamboozled with mixed thinking about the outcome of the elections: but the way Batswana conducted themselves was so wonderful: keep it up: i guess and trust gore the ball is in other sister countries s court on how to run free ,fair and peaceful elections. PULA:

Van da Jacks

We should be able to Vote for our President, I believe that we have lost Great Candidates because we wanted to protect our President, people like bo rre Ndaba Gaolathe

Dinny Israella Shepherd

Duma Boko will rise again. .he just needs to correct some things..his mistake was befriending the enemy..Batswana gase dimatla they want a honest president. So congrats to mr president nd Bdp for winning the elections..2024 re pega Duma Boko mo stilong

Thabiso Kevin Duncan Nsl

I am impressed by the results, even though I am a bit disappointed by the fact that Ndaba didn’t get a parliamentary seat, we could have used his Calibre at the Parliament

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