Give Charma Gal a break!

Charma Gal performing at Khawa PIC: THALEFANG CHARLES
Charma Gal performing at Khawa PIC: THALEFANG CHARLES

Why is it that when a relationship fails, many Batswana are quick to blame the woman? Take the example of the recent scandal between the Culture Spears couple. All fingers seem to be pointing at Charma Gal!

If the tables were however turned, she wouldn’t be receiving any support or sympathy. Many people would be asking what’s “wrong with her?” or “What did she do to her husband?” 

But now that she decided to flee from her marital home, she’s instantly assumed to be a harlot. Why doesn’t it occur to some people that maybe there’s something she ran away from? 

I don’t believe that Charma’s husband is totally innocent either… 

Besides, it’s suspicious for a character to malign their partner and air their dirty laundry in public. There’s no way you could do that to someone you love and respect. Tji-ngwenyana tjiapo! 

The Culture Spears twosome are not the first couple to go through challenges. People have relationship/marital problems all the time, and they eventually work through them. An affair also doesn’t mean that a relationship or marriage is over. Trust me, if that were the case, we would all be single! 

What most of you know about the couple’s situation is mere malicious speculation and rumors, not necessarily the facts. It’s not a balanced presentation of the matter, considering that Charma Gal has not responded to these claims. 

What boggles me is the shady manner in which the husband has dealt with the alleged infidelity issue. In Botswana, when a person meddles in your union, you take them to a kgotla (traditional court) to slap them with a marriage-wrecking fine. Why go around telling all and sundry that your wife didn’t sleep at home, or that she has moved out of the matrimonial home to shack up with a man who took her to Khawa? A go ichaota! 

On the other hand, the strife between the two might not only be about infidelity, but money and power… We all know that Magdeline is the more talented of the duo; she can sing, dance, act and has proven to be a shrewd businessperson who rakes in a lot of money through her gigs and endorsements – she’s a big brand as part of Culture Spears, and Enkotolo, and as Charma Gal.  She is loaded. 

It’s silly how some people claim that KB made Charma Gal. That’s untrue.

They both equally contributed to their success. If anything, maybe her husband is upset that his cash cow has upped and left! 

Some people make it seem as if Charma Gal owes Kabelo something in their business dealings; she doesn’t. Maybe she could have been more discreet with her infidelity, or just remained loyal to her marriage, but she is an adult woman who can make decisions that suite her.

I have noticed that some Batswana are enjoying the bad news. That is witchcraft. We shouldn’t be celebrating, or saying, ‘I told you so’, but rather encouraging reconciliation for an outfit that has boosted Botswana international music profile. 

Some of you are struggling to keep your partners happy, but you jump up and down over another person’s relationship problem when you don’t even know what your own partner does in the cover of the dark. 

It would be naïve to assume that there aren’t people who were jealous of the Culture Spears partnership and success. I can bet the devils of this country are ‘dancing on their tails’, celebrating what they think is the crumbling down of the Mogwe marriage, and downfall of the Culture Spears empire.

If the two parties were to recollect their thoughts, introspect and discuss their problems, things would work out, and they would return to the studio to make more beautiful music and live a happy stable home. 

On the flipside, the drama between the two lovebirds seems to be an intriguing case of art imitating life, or rather, life-imitating art! The songs that made Culture Spears popular are quite telling at this point in time, like  like ‘Selonyana’, ‘Kulenyana, setlhako se, saga Kulenyana, o fitile fa, Kulenyana...wena khudu ga ke go tshepe…’ and that other one that goes, Ke tla nyala ngwana wa ga mang, ke tla tshola ngwana le mang…lerato la malatsi a, le nkitsa go nyala! Charma gal then sang, ‘Mama ntshare nna ke sia le matebele’, and while we were still gyrating to it, she crooned, ‘Nywe nywe tlhatswa lesire!’

Maybe there was a conceited message there…

But then again, give the lady a break, already! 

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