UDC Committed To Mogobane Youth

Sisimogang Abran
Sisimogang Abran

Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) in Mogobane says it is committed to empower youth through education and the importance of voting.

UDC councillor for Mogobane, Sisimogang Abram said this over the weekend, as the general elections loom closer.

Abram said as the UDC, their priority area is to empower youth through capacity building. He noted that it is important to educate young people about the mandate of council as their representative, and the importance of voting. He stressed that the youth do not understand the significance of voting, and the role voting plays in democracy.

“It is very imperative to frequently engage with youth and share insights on the value of voting. Young people should know why they vote, and understand what their councillors’ role is,” he said.

Abram highlighted that the councillor’s role is to bring developments in their respective villages and settlements.

“As a councillor you are voted to represent needs and interests of people. You are expected to bring developments such as internal roads, streetlights, water drainage systems and advocate for land allocation,” Abram added.

“Since I was elected councillor in 2014, I managed to change Mogobane and neighbouring villages by providing streetlights, internal road pavements, passed several motions at the council that some are ongoing, like internet
connectivity in schools. We believe children can learn a lot on the Internet as it provides answers for the syllabus offered in schools, and that we hope it can improve the performance of students and the education sector in the country,” Abram emphasised. He said he achieved  all the things that he managed to do with the P60 million that was kept by the BDP.

“When I got into the council under the BDP, I just kept the money not knowing what to do with it. That’s when I advised them to divide and allocate to the different councils hence you can see developments in Mogobane. One thing I advocate for is the projects that involve the youth.”

When articulating on the aim of the workshop, the chairperson of the South East District Council Phenyo Segokgo said it is very important for everyone to know the purpose of voting.

He argued that for them as the UDC to achieve victory in the next general elections, they should focus on voters’ adoption from the other parties.

“From the four types of voters we are to focus on only two who are most important, but not forgetting the remaining two. Our main focus should be on Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) members so that we reduce their numbers. As BDP is going to their national congress, I bet and I know there are going to be fights and divisions amongst them.

So, this is the opportunity to mingle and welcome them. The other voters that we should put our main focus on are the anti-political voters, people who are not allowed to obtain any political party membership, like the nurses and soldiers and others. At this point these are the people we should rally with and if we can do that, victory is ours,” Segokgo said.

In addition Abram said the BDP is for capitalism while for them as the UDC rules and beliefs are rooted in socialism.

“We condemn where only rich people are given our land because they have money to develop it, we are saying give land to the poor and teach them how they can improve and develop the land. One more thing, as the UDC youth we should work together and improve Mogobane, the spirit of teamwork and team building are very important to the UDC,” Abram added. The youth of Mogobane were advised to refrain from hurling insults on social media platforms, as this would damage the party’s image.

The councillor revealed his tagline for this year, ‘Dilo Tsotlhe Dilokile’. 

“I derived it from my name Dilo. If you recall last elections I came up with Dilo Moono Dia Kopanelwa and if I turn back and see where I am coming from that’s when I realised that everything is well in place,” Abram said.

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