Siblings fight over bread

Heavily pregnant Onthatile Letsholo was assaulted by her brother over mapakiwa PIC. TSELE TSEBETSAME
Heavily pregnant Onthatile Letsholo was assaulted by her brother over mapakiwa PIC. TSELE TSEBETSAME

Sibling rivalry took a turn for the worst when a teacher from Moshupa, Godiraone Letsholo beat up his pregnant younger sister, Onthatile Letsholo in a dispute over bread.

Appearing before Mogoditshane Customary Court yesterday, the accused pleaded not guilty and blatantly said the court failed to listen to his frustrations.

The accused, Godiraone told the court that his sister and his mother had plotted to destroy him.

“It’s all lies.  They fabricated the whole thing. I want to show the court that my mother is fuelling the tension between us,” he said.

Letsholo said he wanted the issue to be addressed at home.

“They want me gone,” he said.

Senior chief representative, Alfred Bapalele Dihutso authorised the police to jail Godiraone for contempt of court.

“You are failing to follow the right proceedings and you accuse this court of being noncompliant,” he told the accused.

Dihutso said the issues that were raised by the accused were irrelevant to the case.

“You are bringing up minor issues that should have been dealt with at home,” he said.

According to the complainant Onthatile, the incident occurred on September 12, 2015.

“My brother and uncles were returning from Kootswe where they had just reported damages,” she recalled.

Onthatile said she prepared supper as usual. 

“The accused left for some time and returned just in time when the food was served.

“I gave him water to wash his hands and he told me that he didn’t want food so I moved on to my mother and uncle,” she said.

Onthatile said her brother slapped her hard as she was returning from the kitchen.

“I fell on the nearest couch and as I was trying to regain composure, he shoved me back into the couch,” she said. 

To make matters worse, Onthatile said the accused picked up hot porridge and rubbed some of it on her face.

“I ran towards my uncle’s back seeking protection, but the accused hurried stealthily towards me,” she said.  Onthatile said her uncle intervened and that is when she was able to call the Police.

Their mother Grace Letsholo corroborated her daughter’s statement and indicated that her son blamed her for the tensions.

“When he beat his sister I asked him, ‘How can you beat a pregnant woman?’ He responded, pregnancy or not, I want to beat her,” she said.  Grace added that she does not recognise her son anymore.

“I am afraid of him.  The way he was beating his sister shows that he can do the same to me,” she said.  She said her children’s fighting started when the complainant ate bread at Godiraone’s house.  “They are fighting over bread.  They were not on speaking terms since,” she said.  According to Onthatile, Godiraone’s wife invited her to their house where she ate mapakiwa (baked bread).

“The wife later complained through my brother.  I was accused of eating their children’s bread,” she said. 

The case continues today for the verdict.

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