Sentencing tomorrow for Lobatse rampaging criminal

LOBATSE: Magistrate Amos Tumelo yesterday postponed sentencing of a 29-year-old man, Itumeleng Mokoti of Lobatse who faces five counts of common theft, and a single count for escaping from lawful custody.

Initially Mokoti faced eight counts of theft common and a single count for escaping from lawful custody but three were withdrawn after the complainant Buti Ngakane indicated that he lost interest in the matters.

Appearing for the state was Inspector Benedict Tsayang of Woodhall police who told the court that Ngakane had decided to withdraw his cases against the accused saying that since the accused is not working he cannot afford to pay him back.

“My wife had borrowed the accused cash amounting to P400 and I have realised that the accused is in custody therefore he won’t have enough money to pay us back the money he owes us,” Ngakane said.

The accused submitted a document containing his mitigating factors and the extenuating circumstances that motivated him to commit the crime.

The state alleges that on December 13th  2014 at Baeng bar at Moselewapula shopping complex, in Lobatse, the accused stole cash amounting to P800 belonging to the bar owners. On the second count, on December 19th, the accused stole six cans of beer, and polonies all items worth P107.95.

On April 25, 2015 at House number 1989 at Woodhall 1, Mokoti allegedly stole a silver television stand valued at P 400 property belonging to Antony Dingakane. Mokoti also faces a charge of stealing P110 from a carwash in Moselewapula.

On May 27, 2015 at Bottoms Up Bar, still in Lobatse, the accused allegedly stole a black and blue Nokia cellphone worth P900 belonging to Tiki Hirschfeldt. Mokoti is also to hear his fate in a count where he was found guilty of stealing Black Label quartz amounting to P648.

Other things that the accused is accused of stealing are a pink baby gown valued at P120, white baby gown valued at P120, Khakhi and white jump-suit valued at P120, animal top print valued at P60, pink jacket valued at P100 and black All Kasi track-top bottom valued at P300. All stolen goods amounting to P1,468 were stolen at House number 3304 Woodhall 2 in Lobatse.

On June 6, 2015 the accused is alleged to have stolen 330ml Gordons valued at P70, Mellowood valued at P75, 200ml Mokador coffee valued at P18 and Rumba valued at P28.

He is also accused of escaping from Woodhall police detention on June 6, 2015.

Mokoti’s sentencing is expected to be tomorrow (July 16).

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