SADC forces kill 23 terrorists in a month

Some of the confiscated weapons PIC. SAMIM
Some of the confiscated weapons PIC. SAMIM

In support of Forḉas Armadas de Defesa de Moḉambique (FADM), SADC Mission in Mozambique [SAMIM] forces launched an offensive operation on November 22, 2021, which led to the capture of two Al Sunnah wa Jama’ah (ASWJ) terrorists’ bases around Chai settlement in Macomia District, Cabo Delgado Province. 

During the December 19 and 20 operations, statement says 14 terrorists were killed whilst eight women, three children and two elderly males believed to have been abducted by the terrorists were rescued. The victims are under the care of national authorities. The number of terrorists killed from the start of the offensive to date stands at 23.

On a somber note, SAMIM forces suffered three casualties during this offensive; one fatality and two injuries whilst FADM suffered six casualties with two fatalities. Our deepest condolences go to the bereaved families, friends and country. The injured members are recuperating and on their way to full recovery.

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