Reject Morwaeng, Masisi, draconian law – BPF

Lawrence Ookeditse. PIC PHATSIMO KAPENG
Lawrence Ookeditse. PIC PHATSIMO KAPENG

Following reports that Minister for State President would table an amendment to Standing Orders baring legislators from mentioning President Mokgweetsi Masisi’s name in Parliament, Botswana Patriotic Front has come out with guns blazing. The party through its spokesperson Lawrence Ookeditse has issued a scathing letter condemning the minister and the President.

Amongst the amendments are that the name of the President shall not be used in a derogatory manner, disrespectfully or impute any improper motives in the person of the President in any parliamentary debate; members of the committees must reflect the proportion of political party representation in the house, including the Business Advisory Committee; the Speaker shall not be allowed to debate any matter in Parliament; the Leader of the House must be allowed more time than other recognised leaders during all debates to represent the government position, and any individual or entity who intends to live stream Parliament proceedings shall do so with prior arrangements and permission of the Business Advisory Committee.

“Dictators' pets. Fascinating species. The butcher of Uganda, Idi Amin Dada, had Isaac Maliyamungu. Adolf Hitler had Heinrich Himmler. Saddam Hussein had Izzat Ibrahim al-Duri. President Masisi is polishing up a certain Kabo Morwaeng. Every 'wannabe authoritarian' has their own pet who funnels their kleptocracy. The willy henchman that is Morwaeng now seeks to stop MPs from mentioning President Masisi's name in Parliament if not in praise. Ke gore, Morwaeng a re leina la ga Tautona Masisi le seka la buiwa mo palamenteng ntleng ga a bokiwa,” Ookeditse wrote on Sunday.


Ookeditse urged legislators and Batswana to reject the move. “On account of this proposal, Morwaeng is either not very smart or is merely seeking to placate the President (dictators' pet learning from the master's playbook gore goa lopelwa). Or is the loot from the farm conditional on him becoming an absolute buffoon? If not stopped, he will finish off the already scant parliament checks and balances on the Executive. We urge fellow citizens and MPs to reject the dictator's pet's evil. Reject, defy and be contemptuous of any such provisions. President Masisi talks way too much and delivers way too little for Parliament to be expected not to oppose him. Defy Morwaeng!” he wrote.

He further called on the ruling party’s backbenchers to defy their party. “While we do not have much faith in the spineless BDP backbench, we hope they won't be as lambs to the slaughter. Thapelo Letsholo, Liakat Kablay, Chris Greef, Mpho Balopi, Thapelo Matsheka, Simon Moabi, Polson Majaga and others; many of you here have superior grey matter and natural gifts to those of the Dictator's Pet. You are called upon to show it. If Morwaeng is to have his way, you BDP backbenchers, will turn into true voting cattle for the Executive's proposals. For once, show some pride. Reject Morwaeng and Masisi's attempts at totalitarian control of your country,” he said.

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