Prophet digs out live cats, python, genitalia

Eloyi church members
Eloyi church members

A live python, measuring over one and a half meter, alive cat, a ram’s genitalia, were among the unbelievable paraphernalia dug out by charismatic Cornelius Church prophet Jakoba at Gamodubu recently, where he was called to put an end to mysterious fires terrorising a family.

Multitudes watched as the prophet formerly of Eloyi church, put the captured python, and cat in his bag before he left to finish his prophetic rituals with them.

Cornelius apostolic church was called upon to stop the evil fires that have been troubling the family of Senyobonyobo for two years now.

After groaning and divining, evil charms such as a cat, a live python about one and half meters long, small bottle with a fire burning inside, a ram’s genitalia, a knife were among the evil accessories retrieved by the former Eloyi church prophet on that fateful day.

According to the former bishop of Eloyi Christian church who is now the founder and leader of Cornelius apostolic church, Bishop Boitshepelo Jakoba, they were able to see things in a spiritual realm whereas others were not able to see them as it is not everyone who has the gift of seeing. ‘We did our job and I guarantee you, there will never be a fire in this compound as this was not the first time to actually put a mysterious fire like this one, he said’. Furthermore he added that some of the things which were exposed are normally the same kind of things which evil people use to destroy others. Previously in Mochudi and Kanye a cat was also used and believed to be the one causing a fire which Cornelius Apostolic Church put a stop on it. Even though that’s the case, Jakoba urged Batswana not to run after foreign churches including the traditional doctors but should be proud of homegrown solutions.

The family representative Amogelang Senyobonyobo said they have cried out loud for help from different Pentecostal churches which are normally referred to as ‘ Fire churches.’ Apostolic Churches including the traditional doctors, but their efforts could not put the mysterious fires off. Moreover she said it got worse each an everyday as they tried to put the mysterious fires out. 

‘When the fires started we were usually outside the house enjoying the tree shade, but my little son would come running and shouting that there was a fire inside the house. ‘We were shocked as we knew that there was nothing that could possibly burn inside the house, as that house was not used as a kitchen’ she said. The last Church which attempted to help was the Zion Christian Church( ZCC) from Tlhoaneng and they were able to stop the fire for a short period of time but then the fires came back strongly. The mysterious fires caused the  Senyobonyobo  family to run away form their own yard with the help of the village chief and social workers. Meanwhile the Senyobonyobo family has been living in a tent provided by the Village Development Committee(VDC).

The poor woman urges the public to help them in whatever way possible as they were left empty handed when the mysterious fires destroyed all they had.

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