Post-Bulela Ditswe counselling vital-BDP activist

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FRANCISTOWN: Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) has to show firm commitment towards putting in place strategies to counsel primary election losers.

The post ruling party primaries period has often been characterised by severe infighting amongst BDP members.

Those who feel aggrieved after losing in the party primaries have often showed less desire to bury the hatchet and work together with the winners.

In the past, some losers even ditched the party and decided to contest as independent candidates.

The outgoing secretary for the Francistown region, Dr Douglas Letsholathebe over the weekend warned that peace would continue to elude the ruling party if it does not show commitment to effectively counsel primary election losers.

“Most of the troubles in the party emanate from post primary election differences amongst members. We have to engage professional counsellors after the primaries in order to effectively prepare losers for life after defeat,” Letsholathebe said.

“Some party members invest a lot of finances in these primaries and it becomes difficult for them to let go their bitterness if the election outcome does not favour them hence the need for strong counselling initiatives in the party. The sound management of the party’s whole primary election process is important.” 

He added, “There are many unemployed graduates who the party could engage to offer counseling services. The party can also collaborate with other organisations that provide counseling services to deal with the aftermath of the primaries.”

A number of political experts have also in the past said that the sensible approach for the party to ensure peace post Bulela Ditswe was to provide professional counselling to losers immediately after the primaries.

In the past the BDP had deployed the services of party veterans and other key party activists amongst others to provide counselling services to Bulela Ditswe losers, which is why many believe it is often hard for the party to effectively deal with the aftermath of the primaries.

After the BDP primaries to secure candidacy for the 2019 general elections, the party leadership summoned both winners and losers in the Bulela Ditswe elections and apologised for failing to hear them accordingly. However, tension amongst primary election losers is still visible in the party even to this day.

Generally, political parties in the country have often been accused of undermining the importance of counselling during their respective primaries.

Additionally, analysts have averred that the party should also encourage its members to seek other alternative professional counselling services before and after primaries.

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