Pinkie Setlalekgosi adopts a family of eight

Pinkie looks on asa happy mom celebrates award prize with child
Pinkie looks on asa happy mom celebrates award prize with child

It is not only at the village primary school where Pinkie Setlalekgosi’s life changing interventions are being felt in Mookane. For a family of eight in the village, Setlalekgosi has been God sent. The winner of the President Meritorious Award has also built them three houses, complete with furniture and bedding, as well as ensuring that she sustains the family with P3, 000 worth of groceries every month.

Setlalekgosi tells The Monitor that she got to know about the family’s needs through one of the beneficiaries’ sons who had overtime bonded with her (Setlalekgosi).

“ The child first came to my home when I was looking for boys for a menial job in the yard; since I love children I started liking the kid and one day I wanted to know where he stays, that’s when I learned about the family’s needs.”

Setlalekgosi has hired the family a helper who is responsible for taking care of the children, as well as making sure that the children’s clothes are always neat.

She is glad that two of the girls on Friday won prizes at Mookane Primary School, for excellent performances at school.

Setlalekgosi has also built 12 toilets in the village. She is in the process of building another needy person a house.

Setlalekgosi’s project manager in the village, Innocencia Tangane, says lack of water has delayed the project. Tangane describes Setlalekgosi as a very helpful person during family bereavement.

The village headman, Gaselemogwe Molefi, says Setlalekgosi donated 200 chairs for his Kgotla and two chairs for his office.

She also donated four tables for catering for the public as well as buying the Kgotla office a printer and copier

“She takes keen interest in children’s welfare issues at the kgotla. Pinkie loves children and the elderly and I think she got that heart from her mother. Her mother also had a heart for the community also,” remarks the headman.

Molefi says Setlalekgosi has also ensured that the village’s graveyard is well cared for and a sliding gate is fitted so that the place looks decent.

At the nearby village of Mmaphashalala, Setlalekgosi chipped in with ICT equipment donation as well. Setlalekgosi’s bio for the Meritorious Award also shows that she donated benches for the elderly at the local post office so they can rest as they queue for their monthly pensions.

She is also described as having funded the renovations of a community church, the Roman Catholic.

She is also known for sponsoring Mookane’s village Christmas Party, donating sports kit to Mookane’s netball and football teams, as well as donating prize money for the local football club.

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