Peace necessary after Kang


A faction aligned to Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi is pondering very hard over the future after the Kang special congress debacle, and are threatening that there will never be reconciliation unless some people are punished for disregarding the constitution, Staff Writer TSAONE BASIMANEBOTLHE reports

The faction says if the court rules in the favour of the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) after producing evidence on how they rigged elections then they would not see a need to go to Kang congress.

The faction demands that the party takes action against members who took part in tampering with the delegates list, and other matters that were not done right.  They are of the view that all should follow the party constitution before anyone in the party can think of reconciliation.

One of Venson-Moitoi’s campaign managers, Foster Seretse said peace can only be made after Kang if the party leaders agree that they will adhere to what the party constitution dictates and they do not use it to their advantage.

“This does not only apply to the Kang congress. The issue of interpreting the party constitution wrongly as the party secretary general is doing, is wrong for the party.

We have the national council and the coming July national congress. What if the same mistakes do happen? It is possible that we make peace if we all do things right as a party.

No one knows the party constitution better than the other, but there are certain clauses that are known by all and the practices that had been followed to select delegates,” Seretse said.

BDP secretary general, Mpho Balopi recently told the media at  a press briefing that the party will come out very strong after Kang.

“There will be no teams after Kang. We will have only one party, which is BDP. We will ensure that the party becomes united.  Our differences on who is going to be a party president cannot split the party,” he said.

Political analyst Lesole Machacha is of the view that the party could come out united if they talk issues out.

“Their main challenge is that they are not used to presidential elections. They need to sit down and discuss issues and have common understanding. It was a good move by the President to call Venson-Moitoi for a meeting.

This will increase their chances of reuniting, so there are slim chances of them breaking away,” he said.

Machacha further said like in the past, the BDP has overcome factions by considering each other for some key positions to maintain peace within the party.

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