Parties eagerly await political funding distribution criteria


Different political parties are anxiously awaiting the criteria to be used to allocate funds under the political funding dispensation.

What is clear is that parties with the majority of existing Members of Parliament (MPs) and those with more women will benefit the most. Additionally, parties that have legally renewed their status with the Registrar of Societies may also receive a share. Last Thursday, various party representatives from local political organisations argued that all parties should receive some portion of the P34 million, not just those with MPs in Parliament, to enhance democracy. However, political party representatives were told by State President the Minister Kabo Morwaeng that the model recommended by the Constitutional Review Commission is that Parliamentary women get P600,000 each.

On the other hand P400,000 each will for male parliamentarians, he said when addressing the All-Party Conference held in Phakalane last week Thursday. A source told The Monitor that the minister has also informed “us that the Bill for political funding” will be brought before Parliament urgently this coming one. “We have agreed that this committee or meeting should be called again to review the Bill before it goes to Parliament. Again, they would be resolutions we make or come up with so that Parliament may approve them. “The way things are, the smaller parties that don't have MPs might not benefit anything from this funding, which is unfair to us.” According to the source, the minister also hinted to them that the Political Funding Bill is not ready but the draft form is still to go through Cabinet.

Editor's Comment
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