Orange ends the year with an ‘All for Customer Day’

Orange Botswana employees
Orange Botswana employees

Orange Botswana on Thursday held its annual All for Customer Day. The event which is held once a year, is the initiative of the Sales Department aimed at giving Orange employees who do not normally face customers on a daily basis a chance to leave their day-to-day activities and join a team that will facilitate them to interact face-to-face with customers.

According to the Sales Support Manager and coordinator of the event, Agatha Ellwood, the events of the day are meant to give employees who are non-customer facing a full day’s experience and a true feel and meaning of working in a shop, assisting street sellers, animating a dealer service point out to the different stations.

As such, All for Customer Day saw all members of staff hit the streets to the different point to spend the day interacting with and servicing customers. These are primarily the executive management, staff at headquarters and the technical members of staff.

This day gives them the opportunity to deal with customers directly to give them appreciation of what customer facing staff are about every day. This is one way to ensure that as Orange employees, we all understand and appreciate the customer journey as well as the importance of excellence customer service from the organisation as a whole. This ties in well with our new strategy that is customer focused, puts the customer first and ensures that they are at the centre of everything that we do.

“Traditionally on this day, head-office and technical employees would get a chance to work with customers through various customer facing activities between 9am and 3pm. Activities covered were: Orange shops, Call Centre, ISP, field operations and sales animations,” she says.

The day’s activities began with a briefing and coaching sessions done by the different stream leaders to ensure that everyone was prepared to take on their day’s role fully. This was followed by departure to the different stations across town where they will resume their day’s duties. During the day, staff had on them a questionnaire that they used to make note of comments from customers regarding issues they experience with Orange. They were encouraged to take notes of customer comments, complaints if any, or any other information that is educativenb to them and can be used by Orange to improve customer experience and service levels.

“To support them on the field, we had team leaders on site to advise and supervise members of staff accordingly throughout the day. There is a customer service exercise, and we encouraged everyone to put on their best smile and enjoy the day’s activities.

In addition to that, we hope that they have taken away from today, lessons on customer service, and how they in their normal day to day duties can make a difference to the overall service a customer receives,” she concluded. tently baby-sitting the local version of pop idols, My Star, since 2007 to date.  Mascom also sponsors the annual arts awards, also known as the TAYAsOn the sporting side, Mascom have become synonymous with the Volleyball League, named after their brand, and the popular football tournament, Mascom Top 8. Mascom are also the traditional main sponsors of the Toyota Desert race and the supporters of the local horse derby, the Mascom derby, held in Maun every Easter holidays.

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