Orange announce affordable 4G smartphone

Orange CEO Dr. Patrick Benon
Orange CEO Dr. Patrick Benon

Orange Botswana already have their own 4G smartphone for everyone, the Orange Roya, which they hope will be ideal for an average Motswana to enjoy the full benefits of 4G mobile technology that the mobile phone company launched last week.

At P1500, the Roya, the cheapest of the 4G compatible smartphones, has a front camera to enable video calling, Skype calls, among others.

Orange said they have spent P200 million to upgrade their infrastructure, which included the launching of the 4G mobile technology.

However, the mobile operator, explained that for the full 4G experience, one has to own a 4G compatible smartphones such as Orange Roya smartphone.

Customers must also swap their sim cards for a free 4G Orange simcard.

According to the company, other 4G compatible cellphone devices include; Iphone 5 C and S, Iphone 6 and 6 Plus, Nokia Lumia 635 and 830, Sony Xperia Z3 compact, Blackberry Passport, Q10, Z30 and Q5.

They also advice that the smartphone where possible should have a large screen to enable one to enjoy HD viewing.

Orange was the first to announce that their 4G service is now available in Gaborone prior to roll out to other towns next month, advised that with the right smartphone devices  customers are now able to surf the internet and access content much faster than before.

“Waiting for content to be downloaded when streaming music and video clips is a thing of the past, with 4G, there is no waiting; customers can directly and quickly stream what they wish. Batswana will now enjoy watching HD movies on the Internet as easily as when watching TV at home. Gamers will enjoy the speed of 4G which allows them to play online with players all around the world. Video chatting on 4G is fluid allowing you to easily keep in touch with your friends and family. In the professional environment, running a business is much more efficient, since 4G help save time and money; for example,   video conferencing with business partners, use of cloud services, digitalisation of production and customer care services. All in all, 4G allows customers to do all sorts of activities which require heavy data contents,” said Orange Botswana spokesperson, Boga Chilinde.

“Fast and seamless connectivity will facilitate instant uploading and downloading of data for use by specialists and nurses in the Telemedicine project that we are running with the Ministry, thereby saving lives”.

Orange however said they are not doing away with their 2G and 3G technologies following the delivery of 4G. “The 2G or Edge technology is optimal for calling and message services. 3G is the 3rd Generation of mobile networks designed to allow mobile broadband‚ that is surfing the internet using mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and USB modems. 4G is much much faster. Because 4G is faster, you are also able to have access to new data-related services, added Chilinde.

All these mobile network technologies will coexist. Any internet enabled device will automatically connect to the best mobile network available depending  on the customer location and provided the device has been set to network selection automatic mode.

“EGDGE, 2G, and 3G still remain an important part of Orange Botswana data services. Their coverage will improve; we will continue to invest in improving their performance to optimal standards. We need to do this as 4G will not cover the majority of the country in its infancy stage.

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