OLDM launches security risk management course


ORAPA: The Orapa, Letlhakane and Damtshaa Mines (OLDM) on Thursday launched the Certificate V in Security Risk Management course. Delivering a keynote address, the Assistant General Manager of OLDM, Ditiro Lentswe, said the certificate will contribute towards building broad-based knowledge, theory, and practice in security management.

This is in order to meet global demands and the aspirations of Botswanas’ Vision 2036 since it is recognised nationally and regionally, and is accredited by Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA). The genesis of this endeavour traces back to 2018, a time when ‘we recognised the imperative need to not just react to challenges but to proactively equip ourselves with the knowledge and skills to mitigate risks effectively’. “The world around us is ever-evolving, presenting us with an array of complex security challenges. In such a landscape, it is not merely sufficient to possess knowledge; we must continuously strive to refine and augment our expertise. The vision was clear: to elevate the skills of our employees and align them with our company’s strategic objectives,” Lentswe said. OLDM, he noted, recognised the imperative need to not only adapt but also stay ahead in an ever-evolving landscape of threats and challenges. “Because this course is a national qualification its development, therefore, was not done in silo. Various industry experts were engaged for input. We reached out to diverse institutions, each bringing its unique perspective and expertise to the table. From academic institutions to think tanks, to industry experts, the breadth of participation underscores our collective commitment to leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of excellence. This course we are launching today is not just about imparting knowledge; it is about empowering our personnel with the tools, the insights, and the mindset needed to navigate the intricacies of modern security challenges. It is about equipping them not just to react but to anticipate, not just to enforce but to engage, not just to confront but to understand,” an ecstatic Lentswe said.

He added: “This certificate programme stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and foresight. It signifies our dedication to nurturing a culture of continuous learning and development within our organisation. Through this initiative, we aim not only to enhance the proficiency of our workforce but also to align our capabilities with the strategic imperatives of our company. Security risk management is not merely a function; it is a strategic imperative that underpins the very fabric of our organisation. It transcends traditional boundaries, encompassing a myriad of disciplines and domains. From cybersecurity security threats to geopolitical instabilities, the spectrum of risks we confront is vast and multifaceted. Therefore, it becomes incumbent upon us to equip ourselves with the requisite skills and knowledge to navigate these complexities adeptly.” Lentswe stated that the programme was more than just a curriculum but a journey towards empowerment and resilience.

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