Nopa: Sexual Frustration


Bakgatla Kgosi Kgafela II claims irrational behaviour in private and public affairs is all down to one thing, sexual frustration.

Nopa: is a common word used in Botswana to denote a debilitating state of sexual frustration, where the man or woman rarely gets satisfied with sex from their partners.

That frustration makes people moody, grumpy and unnecessarily antagonistic; with bottled up negative energy demanding a discharge somewhere.The discharge takes various forms of irrational behaviour by individuals in private and public affairs, often manifest in abuses of authority at any level.

It is usually projected into society in a manner that brings about tension and conflict. Nopa is an insidious root cause of the majority problems in society because (in it) resides a fundamental error upon the very basis of life itself being sex energy.Sexual gratification brings about utopian peace for the individual and society. Osho (The Book of Secrets- p500) teaches the following under the chapter title ‘Surrendering in Sex and Surrendering to a Master’

“Tantra, Wilhelm Reich, Sigmund Freud, and others who know, agree absolutely that if you achieve an orgasm in sex the glow will last for hours afterwards and you will feel absolutely different- without any worries, without any tension.

Euphoria will result, they say; ecstasy will be there. And that ecstasy happens only when there is really a let-go- when you are not holding yourself back, you are not fighting; you are just moving with the life energy.”

Such experience demands total surrender during intercourse, where the woman spreads her soul and becomes totally dissolved in the moment, feeling massive reverence for her man as if he were a Lord; whilst the man reciprocally adores her as a treasured fountain of love-life energy that defines his entire wellbeing.

This unique experience has become unattainable in many relationships because of “energy blockages” caused by disrespect, fear and harboured anger between the couples, combined with other factors that distract vital attention (From the Horse’s Mouth. p150-151).

There can never be a total let-go in sex for so long as either or both parties suffers guilt from: (a) their failure to respect or acknowledge the other as indicated, or (b) their futile adherence to social norms that are incongruous with the Order of Nature symbolised in the animal kingdom and the ways of our forefathers.

Kgosi Kgafela II 

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