Murder suspect predicts illness ahead of court appearance

Bloody knife
Bloody knife

FRANCISTOWN: A man who allegedly murdered his girlfriend and his mother surprised the court when he said he will miss his appearance in February next year because he "will be sick on the day".

When Habana Million appeared before Justice Tshegofatso Mogomotsi on Tuesday, he surprised the court when he said that he is certain he will be unfit to appear in court on February 22, 2023, because he always gets ill around that time of the year.

“My Lady, I ask that my next court appearance be set in March because I will not be well for the rest of February next year. I always get sick during that period,” said Million.

Justice Mogomotsi, however, said that she did not accept what Million had said and set the matter for February 22 next year.

She excused Million from attending court for status updates during that period. Mogomotsi said that Million’s attorney, Reneetswe Rabosotho should instead appear in court during that period.

Million is not a stranger to controversy. He once told the court that the spirits of the people that he allegedly murdered are the ones that have cast a spell on his life hence he always gets sick every year in February. He said that he always hears the voices of the people he allegedly murdered every year in February telling him to kill more people.

Million, who also goes by the name of slain former Libyan strongman Muammar Gadaffi, allegedly murdered his girlfriend Tobokani Khumba and his own mother Mbi Maswibilili on May 16, 2018, in Maitengwe village.

Million allegedly killed Khumba in the late hours of May 16 before he proceeded to kill Maswibilili on the same night or early hours of May 17 in Maitengwe. He allegedly killed Khumba for refusing to give him a cigarette. In 2017, Million is also alleged to have murdered Margaret Mathowa, 42, on New Year’s Eve.

Million had a pending rape case before he allegedly murdered Mathowa. He allegedly dragged her from a shebeen in the early hours of New Year. Million is alleged to have brutally stabbed Mathowa repeatedly with a knife and then dragged her a few metres away from the murder scene to bury her in a shallow grave.

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