Moswaane resignation attracts mixed reactions


FRANCISTOWN: Francistown West constituents have reacted differently about Ignatius Moswaane’s resignation from Botswana Democratic Party (BDP).

Some of the constituents supported Member of Parliament (MP) stating that even if he remained in the BDP he was bond to be sacked while others believed that his tactics so far prove that he long wanted to part ways with the party.

This week Mmegi asked some of the constituents their opinion on the matter. Monarch Area 2 location resident Mosetsanagape Petros said Moswaane made a good decision to resign from BDP before he was expelled. She said the controversial Constitution (Amendment) Bill 2020, which was expected to be tabled in Parliament serves to threaten political leaders who wish to reign from BDP. Petros further said Moswaane’s days in BDP were long numbered because he was a threat to his own party as he spoke against corruption and abject poverty in his constituency and country as a whole. “Even his suspension was just a warning to silence him about being vocal on corruption issues but the same leaders forget that he was voted by the people in order to   represent them before parliament,” she said. According to the Francistown West constituent as the westerners   they are going with Moswaane where ever he goes because he is a true leader.

Petros further said: “I am even certain that all my family   members and neighbors in Monarch Area 2 support the Honorable MP because he has done a lot for us. Moswaane is like our very own angel and lifesaver because he treats everyone equally either poor or rich as people’’.

She also said that even if Moswaane joins opposition or forms a new party the masses from Francistown West and across the country would follow him because he speaks nothing but the truth.

Another Francistown West constituent from Phase 5 location, Oarata Jusi echoed the same sentiments with Petros.

She said that Moswaane made a good move by resigning from BDP before he could be expelled. She said that the ruling party has a tendency of getting rid of the people who speak on behalf of others because they are perceived as a threat to the party’s credibility. She added  that  the BDP leadership  has  a  tendency of clipping   the Mp’s  freedom of speech   hence  Moswaane  should  go where he can exercise his right to freedom of speech.

Jusi further said that Moswaane’s  charisma to  speak about  corruption opened  a can  of  worms  and hit  where it  hearts  most  therefore it was very obvious  that the BDP would fire him.

She said that the matter became clear  when the party  started raising  the floor-crossing  bill after  Moswaane’s suspension. Jusi said that  even the Francistown West  parliamentarian’s  suspension was  not  fair  because  his only  crime was to speak on behalf of the people.

The outspoken supporter of Moswaane said that on the ground  she was certain that people  are going  to reigns  from the  ruling party  to follow  their Honorable MP. She described him as a selfless man with a caring heart and always vocal for his people.

Another resident of Gerald Estate, Dawkins Dinakenyane said that Moswaane should just join the opposition because they have long waited  for his move.

He added that he should just unleash his colours   so that they can understand the kind of person they are dealing with.

Dinakenyane further said Moswaane had long decided to join the opposition before his suspension but was still under  his (Moswaane) shell and playing with people’s emotions.He also said that Moswaane deserved his suspension because he was always breaking the BDP’s constitution, which  he claimed  to love.

Dinakenyane added: “I feel like if Moswaane had issues with some of the BDP initiatives, he could have dealt with the matter internally by following the  right channel of communications  before spilling the beans to the public”.

He said that  Moswaane has over the  years continued to be against  the  ruling party  by breaking all the BDP’s rules intentionally for public sympathy.

He gave example that when Moswaane  was suspended  from the party  recently  and was directed not to share this internal party communication with third parties. But only after a few hours  that he acted  against   the directive  and spilled the beans on social media.

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