Monarch woman collapses due to hunger



A video showing Chibute’s collapse and an attempt by some people to feed her in an endeavour to resuscitate her was suddenly leaked to the public. In an interview with Mmegi, Chibute indicated that she had been hungry for sometime and as a diabetic, her body system could not carry her anymore.

After the video went viral, there was wide speculation that Chibute’s video was stage-managed and was just a mere political stunt. But Chibute dismissed the allegations, but rather accused Monarch Social and Community Development (S&CD) office for ignoring her situation.

She said that she went to the MP Moswaane’s house where she blacked out while trying to seek help and report the mistreatment she was subjected to by social workers.

The 40-year-old  woman also shared  that she is a diabetes patient and was diagnosed with the disease between 2008 and 2009.

She said that she started her treatment whilst staying in  Gaborone but later defaulted due to personal reasons. Chibute also  shared with this publication that she collapsed again last year due  to diabetes and has been in and out of the clinic due to the medical condition.

She said: “This is not the first time that I have collapsed because early this year I was taken by an ambulance to Area W clinic after fainting at home. I was treated and referred to Donga clinic which is a diabetes centre in order to consult a specialist.” Chibute reasoned that she did not go to Donga clinic for   treatment because her skin was sensitive to injections.

She added: “If I go to Donga Clinic I would prefer if I am given pills as part of my treatment or else I won’t go through with the treatment. In the meantime, I must continue eating nutritious meals to control my diabetes.”

She also mentioned that some police officers visited her on Tuesday to question her about the accusations she had levelled against the S&CD office.

Chibute said: “Some uniformed police officers came to my compound and questioned me about the incident that took place at the MP’s house. They gave me their number so that  I contact them  if I recall anything  new.”

Monarch North councillor Gopolang Almando said that he was shocked to see Chibute’s video trending on the social media.

He said that after the video was linked to social media, he personally made a follow-up on the matter so that Chibute can be given assistance.

He added: “I don’t know anything about her diabetic   condition and all I know is that she was supposed to be re-assessed by the social workers.”

For  her part, Monarch North  WDC member, Dorotse Mogotse  indicated that Chilube’s family was assessed and they were given  their food hampers through  their head of family.

Mogotse elaborated  : “When the food  came, Chibute’s  head  of the family did not share the food with the rest of the  family.”

She further said that when Chibute’scase was  brought   forward to  them, they  registered  her for re-assessment because of her condition.

She added : “Upon registering Chibute with Monarch S&CD office , they went straight  to Chibute’s  house and she was not there. They later returned and found her at her neighbour’s compound where she indicated that she was assessed.”

Mogotse said that she was surprised when Chibute reported to S&CD Monarch office accompanied  by Moswaane indicating that she fainted due to hunger as she was not given food.

Reached for a comment, the Francistown City Council (FCC) Clerk, Lopang Pule said that the parent ministry being, Local Government and Rural Development would issue a statement pertaining to the woman’s circumstances yesterday (Wednesday). 

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