MoH cautions quail eggs 'medical' claims unsubstantiated

Quail eggs
Quail eggs

The Ministry of Health and Wellness (MoH) has cautioned the public against some street vendors who sell quail eggs claiming they have properties to treat many medical conditions.

According to a press statement from the ministry, the eggs do not have any proven medical properties therefore cannot be marketed and sold as such.

It states that raw quail eggs have no beneficial effects against diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes, liver diseases, kidney or gall bladder stones, allergies, cardiac conditions, HIV and AIDS, asthma, tuberculosis, cancer, ulcers and other chronic conditions as the vendors claim.

“Cooked eggs maintain all their nutrients. The eggs like any other animal product must be cooked before consumption. It must not be eaten raw as it poses a health risk such as salmonellosis and the absorption of some nutrients, especially amino acids may be reduced or even blocked completely. Salmonella infection may cause serious health consequences in infants and young children, pregnant women, the elderly and immune compromised individuals,” it noted.

It further states that such advertisement contravenes the Food Control Act (Cap 65:05) of 1993, under offences and penalties, which states that a person who contravenes the provisions of these regulations commits an offence under the act and is liable for a first offence to a fine of P1,000 and to imprisonment for three months and where the offence is a continuing offence to an additional fine of P500 and imprisonment for one month for each day on which the offence continues.

It further states that for a second offence or subsequent offence, to a fine of P5,000 and to imprisonment for six months, and where the offence is a continuing offence, to an additional fine of P2,000 and imprisonment for two months for each day on which the offence continues.

On the conviction of any person for any offence under these regulations, the court may, in addition to any other penalty, which it may lawfully impose, cancel or suspend any licence issued to such person that is relevant to the offence committed.

The ministry advised the public to refrain from consuming raw quail eggs and alert the authorities about those who continue selling quail eggs with medical claims.

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