Moatlhodi educates voters on governance


MULAMBAKWENA: The former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Pono Moatlhodi, has embarked on a mission to educate voters about governance, telling them that the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) does not own the money it spends on developments.

Moatlhodi, who is also former Member of Parliament for Tonota South, said the BDP has only succeeded in creating Ipelegeng and left the youth with no option but to work in it. Moatlhodi was speaking at a victory celebration of BMD councillor for Mosojane ward, Mbaakanyi Smart over the weekend.

“I am very much concerned about elders who still vote for BDP who think that when they vote for the UDC they will no longer get tandabala (old age pension),” said Moatlhodi.

“You should bear in mind that the money does not belong to the BDP but government. Even when they are voted out of power the money will remain. We will also increase the old age pension because it is not enough to sustain beneficiaries,” said Moatlhodi.

Moatlhodi said that the roads in North East District are bad and there are no job opportunities in the area. At the same event, the president of the Botswana Movement for Democracy, (BMD), Ndaba Gaolathe, said that the BDP is a useless entity that should be removed from power in 2019.

Gaolathe said the BDP has failed Batswana in a lot of respects and therefore, Batswana should punish it by voting the UDC in large numbers.

He said that UDC is the only party that can rescue citizens from all the problems they are currently faced with.

“The country is rich in diamonds, wildlife, cattle, coal to mention but a few, that could create employment for people but it is not happening because the ruling regime has no plans to create employment opportunities for Batswana,” said the soft-spoken Gaolathe.

He added that because of skewed BDP policies, Batswana are reeling in poverty and the unemployment rate is very high.

“The country currently has about 200 billion tons of coal that can supply the whole of Africa with power but it is failing to supply itself with electricity. The country only needs 600 mega watts of power. This simply shows that the BDP is tired and should be removed from power,” said Gaolathe.

The president of Botswana Peoples Party, Motlatsi Molapisi, echoed Gaolathe’s sentiments.

He implored people in the northern part of the country to emulate their counterparts in the south by voting the UDC in large numbers.

Meanwhile, the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) youth league president Tumiso ‘Chiliboy’ Rakgare has said the BDP can only be dislodged from power through a united opposition block.

“I am here to represent BCP especially the youth and I am happy to have received the invitation as I am fully behind the opposition parties’ cooperation,” said the youthful Rakgare. Rakgare revealed that BCP’s leadership is still addressing the opposition cooperation issue in-house and promised that by 2019 opposition parties would defeat BDP as one block. He stated that it is also in their interest as BCP youth league for the parties to cooperate towards the 2019 general elections and beyond as they all have the same mandate of toppling the ruling party from power.

Rakgare rubbished reports that he is planning to join the ruling party. “Yes some of my friends have defected to the ruling party but you should know that politically they are no longer my friends,” said Rakgare.

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