Mascom Adds 14 More Kitsong Centres

Kitsong Centre
Kitsong Centre

Mascom Wireless says they are increasing the number of ICT mobile business centres in rural areas, commonly known as Kitsong Centres, from 81 to 95 villages as early as January 2016.

Mascom communications manager Barbara Reatshwana says her organisation entered into partnership for the development and donations of Kitsong centres in 2009, resulting in 81 villages receiving the ICT package that allows villages to do ICT-related activities such as access to internet, buying of airtime, documents binding, photocopying, and other secretarial activities.

Reatshwana said since Mascom partnered with government, through the Nteletsa II project, 41 Kitsong Centres were initially donated to the various rural settings. “Mascom has since continued with this project and to date, we have a total of 81 Kitsong Centres”

Reatshwana said Mascom Wireless is not taking the foot off the pedal in reaching out to communities. Since 1998, the year of inception, Mascom continues to make meaningful contributions to small and large communities around Botswana.  “Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy is intended to solidify the relationship that Mascom has with the public. It aims to positively impact on the society by making meaningful contributions.”

Reatshwana explained that Mascom works closely with schools, especially primary schools and kgotla’s around Botswana where the mobile operator has made thousands of ICT donations.

Reatshwana said some of the initiatives that Mascom continued to support include the annual Mascom CEO X-mas Party for orphans and vulnerable children, which has been held annually since the inception of Mascom.

The most recent Mascom CEO Xmas Party was held in D’kar at Kaikagu Pre-School and community development school in the Gantsi area. The Mascom Housing Project to date has produced total of 22 houses in different villages around Botswana, with five more houses to be handed over in Kuke (Gantsi area) beginning of 2016. Mascom have also supported the Ramotswa Centre for Deaf Education and The Disability Study Support & Organisational Skills Society (DISSOSS).

Reatshwana also said her organisation was also synonymous with support for the arts in Botswana. Mascom is the proud supporter of the Maitisong President’s Concert, where this year they donated P100,000 to the THC Foundation, which aims at supporting woman and children who are victims of gender-based violence.Reatshwana further said her organisation remained the proud supporter of the popular live jazz concept, the Mascom Live Session, which time and again brings in international and regional artists to entertain patrons alongside some of the local household names. Mascom has also been consistently baby-sitting the local version of pop idols, My Star, since 2007 to date.  Mascom also sponsors the annual arts awards, also known as the TAYAsOn the sporting side, Mascom have become synonymous with the Volleyball League, named after their brand, and the popular football tournament, Mascom Top 8. Mascom are also the traditional main sponsors of the Toyota Desert race and the supporters of the local horse derby, the Mascom derby, held in Maun every Easter holidays.

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