Mandela's stepdaughter to headline GBV breakfast in Botswana

Josia Machel
Josia Machel

The stepdaughter of Nelson Mandela, Josina Machel is expected to officiate at the Hlanganani ICT Botswana Gender Based Violence (GBV) breakfast on November 29, 2018 in Gaborone Botswana.

The theme of the event is: Intersections Between Technology and Gender Based Violence.

Josina Machel the daughter of Graça Machel and ex-Mozambican president Samora Machel‚ revealed that she was a victim of domestic abuse. The stepdaughter of the late Nelson Mandela said her boyfriend attacked her during her mother’s 70th birthday celebrations in Maputo‚ leaving her blind in one eye. For a family that is so powerful and has given so much to humanity, an attack on her is a statement to the World: No woman is safe.

Josina’s public testimony as a victim is shattering the stigma, considering that a great majority of reported GBV cases are by low-income earners. It is very unlikely for the elite to report victimisation. They seem to think that reporting violence would downgrade their respect in society.

Hlanganani as an ICT Institute, has invited experts to bring a new narrative, Intersection Between Technology and GBV: Technology is a double edged sword;

-    Presentation 1: Technology assisted GBV -

A growing number of GBV victims, report being harassed, monitored, or threated by perpetrators misusing technology. While harassment, threats, and intimidation are not new tactics in the world of stalking, domestic, and sexual violence, abusers are increasingly using technology as a means to monitor, harass, threaten, intimidate, impersonate, and stalk their victims, making it difficult for survivors to find physical safety and eroding their sense of safety. In addition, it is not uncommon for abusers to misuse multiple technologies at once, while also using non-technological abusive tactics.

-    Presentation 2: Harnessing the power of tech to address GBV

While technology can be used to violate, it can also be used to protect. There are tools, technologies and digital platforms that can be used to help victims protect themselves.  For example there are apps that help health care providers better screen for intimate-partner violence

-    Presentation 3: The cost of GBV to productivity and business in general

The event is organised by Hlanganani ICT Botswana, a Botswana Qualifications Authority accredited institute, with Boitshepo Bolele as the overall coordinator.

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