Kidney failure deaths might double in 2030

There is an alarming in kidney related illness
There is an alarming in kidney related illness

Acording to the World Health Organisation (WHO) almost 20 percent of diabetic patients die of kidney failure and that figure will double by 2030.

Speaking at the World Kidney Day commemorations in Gaborone yesterday, Princess Marina hospital deputy superintendent Dr Ishmael Makone said the increase of non-communicable diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and obesity were a great concern in Botswana.  “We should keep in mind that HIV/AIDS remains one of the compounding factors that increase the numbers of patients with kidney failure. Hypertension and diabetes are the major contributors of chronic kidney disease in our setting,” he explained. 

Makone futher said in recent years, the increases of these diseases in both the developed and developing world including Botswana has not been spared of increase. He added that patients with kidney failure could be helped in many ways like for instance, at Marina those with severe kidney failure or end stage kidney failure could be offered dialysis in the form of peritoneal dialysis or haemodialysis. Makone also said peritoneal dialysis was initiated in the hospital and continued at home where feasible whilst haemodialysis was provided in hospitals through the Public Private Partnership initiative. “Currently we have more than 300 patients with chronic kidney disease undergoing in PMH where one third is being on peritoneal dialysis and the remaining two thirds being on haemodialysis.

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