Kgafela acquires 20 horses to fight crime

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Kgosi Kgafela II of Bakgatla on Saturday unveiled 20 horses acquired by morafe to fight crime in Kgatleng and promised the horses would be increased to 50 in the near future.

The horses start work this week and they will be used to patrol the streets to ensure that tranquility reigns across the district. Kgosi Kgafela told Morafe at a kgotla meeting that the tribal regiment, along with the police, would patrol the village on horseback to instill discipline.

The unveiling of the horses coincided with presentation of gifts to the kgosi by a regiment called Mathulwa, the first regiment for Kgafela II's late father Kgosi Linchwe II.

Mathulwa presented Kgosi and his wife with five cows, while another Bakgatla tribesman, Rev Mpho Moruakgomo pledged a bull, whose brand he revealed.  At the same event it was announced that the pastors in the village met and contributed P8,000 for the kgosi and his wife.

Accepting the presents, Kgafela I1 praised his late father's regiment saying when he revived mephato last year, the Mathulwa ensured that the kgosi kgolo was well looked after. He said they also volunteered their advice where they deemed necessary during the initiation schools.

Mathulwa was the first regiment of the late Kgosi Linchwe II in 1964. Rre Mogatusi Lebekwe, a member of Mathulwaa regiment told the gathering that the regiment also bought Kgafela II a gun in 1982, adding, " Now we are presenting him with livestock; let there be rain, may the livestock multiply, so the children will have milk", said Lebekwe who also announced he is turning 75 years of age this year.

Another member of the Mathulwa regiment, the late Kgosi Linchwe II's wife, Mohumagadi Mma Seingwaeng paid tribute to the regiment saying it has a tradition of serving the tribe.

" I hear that even before they could become a regiment, their peers had grouped themselves and performed duties for the tribe, including the road that leads to the royal home", Mma Seingwaeng told the gathering.

She however expressed disappointment that since regiments such as Mathulwa,  Maisakoma, and Masoso embarked on community service, other regiments are yet to follow such examples.

 " I encourage the rest of you to introspect, but do not feel pressured, these duties are for those who do them with willing hearts."

The event was attended by the various Bakgatla regiments, as well as Kgatleng council chairman, Steven Makhura, and Kgatleng East MP, Isaac Mabiletsa.

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