Incest-charged father denies everything

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FRANCISTOWN: With witness after witness, testifying that he fathered a child with his own daughter, a man still denied he slept with the teenage girl.

Even with the evidence of a social worker and a DNA test showing he impregnated his daughter, the man charged with incest was adamant he never ever had sex with his daughter.

The 60 year-old who cannot be identified, faces one count of incest at the Francistown Magistrate Courts after allegedly defiling his daughter in October 2008 at Newstance location.

This emerged in court during the continuation of his trial yesterday.

The man, who originates from Masunga was previously charged with one count of rape, which has since been withdrawn. The forensic scientist Goitseone Ngono said that DNA tests showed that the accused indeed fathered a child with his own daughter.

Despite that, the man refused to accept the genetic evidence, saying as a mentally fit person he cannot, and will never ever have sex with his own biological daughter.

The social worker Kate Motshegwe told the court that the case was brought to their attention by the complainant’s brother. But the accused disputed Motshegwe’s testimony as well.

 On the contrary, he said, he has always warned his daughter about the dangers of having boyfriends at her age, but she did not listen to his advice.

The complainant’s stepmother also told the court that her daughter told her that her father had impregnated her.

Still, the man quashed the woman’s testimony telling the court that she was fabricating a story against him because she used to be his girlfriend.

“She was my girlfriend for 37 years and she thought that we were going to spend the rest of our lives together.

“I ended up parting ways with her; that is why she is now on a mission to destroy my life. At one point she even hired Zimbabweans to kill me.

“I was hospitalised at Nyangabgwe Referral Hospital after I was viciously attacked by people she had hired to kill me after I jilted her,” said the man.

Giving his defence, the accused said that he wanted what was in the best interest of her daughter and would never have sex with her.

He said negotiations were ongoing for the father of the child to marry his daughter. “As we speak negotiations of the marriage are at an advanced stage. David told us that he was afraid to tell us that he impregnated my daughter because she was very young by then and was afraid of going to prison.”

Moatswi then asked the accused why he did not mention that David fathered the child in his evidence- in-chief and the accused said:

“I thought that my daughter and ex-girlfriend were going to tell the court the truth, that’s why I did not say so.”

Moatswi then told the accused that what he had told the court was an afterthought because he had previously told the court that one Thomas Ntshiwa and not David is the one who impregnated the complainant.

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