I-Six Logistics Commits To Economic Transformation


Nobody can deny how important research, in general, is especially during the times we live in. It is even better when you use it to change and positively impact people’s lives. 

And that’s the story of I-Six Logistics, a training and research consultancy firm with local and international experience.

On its 10th anniversary, I-Six Logistics, a company that also offers a wide range of services such as research, project management, monitoring and evaluation, organisational development, strategic management, leadership and governance, report writing, financial management, resource mobilisation, motivational talks, emotional intelligence, team building, and ICT, has reiterated its commitment towards developing the country using research.

Without necessarily tooting its own horn, the company says it prides itself in contributing to Botswana’s transformation agenda as espoused in the National Vision 2036 to make the country a knowledge-based economy that can compete on equal footing with its global counterparts. With clients in Botswana, Lesotho, Ethiopia, South Africa, DRC, and Kenya, I-Six Logistics has definitely made a mark and left some recognisable footprints in its line of trade.

Speaking to The Monitor on the importance of research from his base in Canada, I-Six Logistics Faculty member Professor Ntonghanwah Forcheh said I-Six logistics has filled the missing link between research and practice. AT I-Six, evidence-based decision making is integrated into all projects.

“Theory for its sake has little practical relevance, hence we take into account the local environments – in domesticating our methodologies and indicators so that findings and recommendations have local relevance and are easy to implement by our clients be they government departments, international development agencies or private companies/parastatals,” he said.

Professor Forcheh, a Statistician and Researcher underscored the importance of research to national development, especially in informing policy, strategic direction, planning and interventions. “We see our role as providing evidence on which quality decisions would be based. All faculty members at I-Six take full ownership in all projects especially those that impact national development and take pride in having the opportunity to contribute to a better Botswana as a result of their input,” he added.

Inspired by the rapid rate at which technology is driving changes, new challenges and emerging issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic have incorporated agile methodology whenever necessary in project management. Many others across various sectors of the economy require both scientific and operational research to continuously generate new information ahead of worse situations so that preventative and mitigation measures are put in place.

I-Six Logistics has also not ignored the importance of empowering the communities it operates in. This is evidenced by its commitment towards its Corporate Social Initiative (CSI). The company has in the past been engaged in several CSI activities. While there are too many projects it has taken on, one of the people who benefited from the company’s CSI, Isaac Maleyi said it was tough to put food on the table until God sent I-Six Logistics their way. Maleyi said he had formed a musical band called Isaack Maleyi and Ika Gospel group in 2011, but needed assistance to record, release and promote their music. Maleyi said his musical journey, which started in 2011 was a rocky one. He had no funds to promote his music even though it proved to be the only source of income. He stated that I-Six Logistics then came to their rescue and pledged to fund.

“I then met Rre Kaisara of I-Six Logistics who assisted us with funds for the sum of P11,000 to record and promote our music. The company also assisted us to launch our album in Tutume. Ever since then, we have seen so much progress until we were stalled by COVID-19. We thank God for companies like I-Six Logistics and wish them success in their 10 anniversary,” he said.

As the company commemorates its 10th anniversary, it will be done under the spirit and theme ‘Growing together. Giving back to the community’.

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