Healthy workers produce good results

PALAPYE: Public employees have been urged to choose healthy living in order to produce required results at work.

Speaking during the Palapye Administrative Authority (PAA) wellness Pitso held at the Fire Station recently, the assistant council secretary, Goloswang Ramogala encouraged the attendants to avoid things that can make their lives miserable.

“Many people lost their lives only because they chose wrong things in life like drugs and alcohol abuse. People must choose better things so that they can live long. If one goes to work while something is bothering them in mind, results cannot come out,” said Ramogala.

Thato Bailane from District Health Management Team (DHMT) stressed the significance of exercising for healthy living. He noted that one’s health comes first and that to generate good results at work, workers have to be healthy.

“Diseases are determined by individuals. It’s very important to always exercise and people who work in the office must at least exercise for an hour each day to help improve their looks as well as help cope with stress. Exercising helps burn the fats and it helps prevent non-communicable diseases such as heart diseases, hypertension and cancer,” said Bailane.

Exercise was also important in improving sexual life, he said, adding that problems like erectile dysfunction contribute immensely to cases of divorce.

He said sexual intercourse is a basic need that helps couples connect and it’s a physical activity. He therefore advised attendants to always open up and talk about such issues.

“No exercising can lead to erectile dysfunction and this is one major cause of family breakdowns. We encourage people to exercise to avoid such and when they experience such, they must open up and talk about the issue. Relationships usually fail because of keeping issues to oneself. You must discuss such so that you support each other in the family, “he explained.

Bailane also advised the public officers to eat healthy balanced food all the time.

“What you eat is important to your health; it determines your health tomorrow. So always let your plate be colourful, thus include all the food types in every meal that you eat.

I know that most men like meat and they don’t value vegetables, but that is what helps keep your body healthy. Reduce fats in your diets and increase vegetables,” he said.

Also on hand to advise on healthy living was PAA senior assistant council secretary, Koti Molefi, who noted that emotional well-being was also critical in the work place.

He advised workers to avoid being angry at work as it could pollute the work environment with negatively. He said research had shown that Botswana is one of the countries with people who are full of anger.

“Everybody can be angry because of various reasons, but people must learn to control their anger.

People must be careful on how they raise their children because the way one is raised also contributes to anger.

Anger affects our thinking and behaviour patterns, so it is good to ensure that relationships are smooth for healthy living,” he said.

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