‘Go Masisi blind’

Masisi selfie with radio personality
Masisi selfie with radio personality

Ahead of the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) executive Committee elections in Mmadinare come July, Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi has taken to the social media to launch himself as a man of the people in his own way. He has burst on to the social media scene with a 50 Cent like urban style appearing in a selfie putting on a blingy cap with an unidentified pantsula fan.

The selfie immediately got hundreds on social media wondering whether this could be the Vice president or someone fiddling with his photos using modern computer technology. In one of his video clips VP Masisi appeals to the followers who took selfies with him to share them with him so he will post them.

His  hash-tag  with a street lingo, “#Go Masisi Blind” has created internet craze. Then there is the blingy hip-hop cap donated by urban youth shop, Urban Soul, a carefree pose, and a cloud of selfies with just anyone from Ministers to pantsulas. Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi is using the social media to project a social personality you have never seen in a soon to be head of state, but that does not seem to bother the man a cent.

He comes across as someone who is harvesting the power of social media to flaunt his likeable flexible social life, and as a simple person who is accessible to people from all walks of life, as his collections of selfies on his Facebook page show. For the uninitiated this is the same page trashed two weeks ago by the Office of the President (OP) as fake, as the OP announced there is a Masisi imposter on social media.  Masisi has since come out using the same social media platform to confirm this is indeed him. By mid last week his followers were numbering 10 000 and counting. He used a video clip which has since garnered over 5000 views and over 200 shares from his wall.

You cannot blame the OP’s office for their warning; a soon to be head of state has never been so amazingly playful and interactive on social media.  It has left many amazed and some wondering whether this could be the Masisi or just as the Op earlier feared, an imposter. Go Masisi Blind!

Masisi himself has had to chip in several times in between the hundreds of inquisitive posts in a bid to assure the followers that indeed this is him for real.  He even gave the followers his instagram and twitter accounts, before he appeared in a shot video on Tuesday last week, putting on an Urban Soul donated rap cap, assuring the followers that, after a long debate, this is indeed his page, before punctuating with a rap slang “ You dig?’  The video would go on to attract over 5000 hits and over 200 shares in its first ten hours on Facebook. Masisi recently differed with elders at a Ghantsi forum, as they lamented how social media is influencing their young people in a bad way. At the World Telecommunications and Information Society Day(WTISD) commemoration, Masisi rather urged the elderly to embrace social media and use it to effect the change they would want in their young people.

It is not just the touch with the youth of the country that the 51 year old is giving out through the social media; life in the cattle post is one of the many photos that portrays his simplicity, while a suit and tie profile picture also reflects the power he wields as the VP.

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