Double amputee accuse lawyer of neglect

Gift Ncube
Gift Ncube

The case of double Amputee Zimbabwean man, Gift Ncube, who was shot four times by his former employer after a heated augment over payment in Radisele in 2013, seems to have screeched to a halt.

“I am in the dark as to what is going on. I don’t know if there is any progression in my case. I don’t know what is happening or if my former employer had been going for mentions or not. I Am completely clueless and wonder when justice will prevail because right now I can’t live comfortably. I need closure,” he told The Monitor.

Ncube alleged that the lawyer handling his case, Uyapo Ndadi, is neglecting his obligations.

“Ndadi never told me the progression of the case. I remember asking him how my case was progressing and he told me to go and collect the statements of everyone involved in my case at the prosecuting officers in Palapye. I went there as he requested because it has to end so that I can go on with my life,” he said.

Ncube said the prosecution office refused to give him all the documents advising him to have the attorney contact them and directly ask for required statements from them. He said he was given contacts to give to Ndadi but the lawyer never bothered to call.

He said he kept on asking Ndadi if he had contacted them but was told the two numbers were not going through.

“That is when I suspected that he (Ndadi) was not telling me the truth,” he said.

Ncube said he then decided to seek help elsewhere.

 “I approached Chi Banda Makgalemele and company, where I met a certain woman and told her of my ordeal. I begged her to help me as I have not known what is happening with my case,” he added.

Ncube accused Ndadi for having not held his interest at heart but like others was interested in raising funds and getting a share of pie in his funds.

He said that due to the fact that he was not working and needed to live, he depended on his trust fund to survive.

“I am grateful to Botswana government for having let me stay here while awaiting my case to be tried as I came here as an illegal immigrant but I need support. I have been living on the funds that were meant to buy me artificial hands and they are all exhausted,” he said.

For his part, Ndadi said he was no longer Ncube’s attorney, but refused to explain why except to lead The Monitor back to the double amputee to tell what transpired between them.

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