Donkey rapist urges court to sentence him soon

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PALAPYE: A Zimbabwean man suspected to have raped a donkey told the court on Wednesday that appearing every 14 days was a waste of time as he wants to be sentenced.

He said that if at all he has committed an offence he would rather be sentenced for it sooner rather than later.

Vee Mulilo, 23, is accused of unlawfully having carnal knowledge of a donkey on August 27 at Phuduhudu lands.  The donkey is the property of one, Mmoloki Neo.

The state alleges that Mulilo left the donkey with some knee injuries as he had tied it to a tree prior to allegedly raping it. Mulilo told Palapye magistrate, Gofaone Mosweu that it was not possible for him to wait for another 14 days in prison.

“I am always told to wait for 14 days to appear in court and this is a bit tiring as well as frustrating me.  I just want things to be done and completed, the whole process is just a waste of my time.  Furthermore, I do not know the reason why I am in prison.  I want to be sentenced as soon as possible if at all there is something wrong that I have done,” said Mulilo.

Mulilo was denied bail because he is in Botswana illegally and does not have travelling documents. In addition he has been working in Botswana without a working permit since August 2014. State prosecutor, Inspector Ditsapelo Emmanuel, applied for Mulilo to be further remanded in custody while still waiting for the results from the forensic laboratory.

Emmanuel said: “We are still waiting for the results from the forensic laboratory, we expect them to be ready by November 2, 2015.  So we apply for the accused to be further remanded in custody. We are hopeful that we will be ready with the results after 14 days”.

Mosweu explained to the accused that it was not possible to sentence him while the investigations are still ongoing.  She said the results from the forensic laboratory are part of the investigations so the court could not go on with sentencing him without such evidence.

“It will also be unlawful to skip other court procedures and jump into sentencing you without even taking your plea. Let’s wait for the results, that is when we will take your plea and continue with case management and then trial,” she said.

In another matter, yet another Zimbabwean national Raymond Mafuta, 34, accused of rape, pleaded with magistrate Mosweu to allow him bail so that he can go and re-assemble his clients’ car gearboxes.

He said he left them in pieces hence his customers are unable to get their cars back as they lack other parts.

In response to his plea, Mosweu told Mafuta that it was not possible to release him from prison only because he wants to complete his personal things.

She said it would mean that all accused persons who have been remanded in jail would also be released to go and complete their works. Mosweu advised Mafuta to make an application to the High Court if he was not satisfied with the answer.

Both accused persons appeared in person and they will appear again for mention on November 11, 2015.

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