DIS accuses Khama, Kgosi of theft

Khama and Kgosi during their BDF days PIC: SKIK
Khama and Kgosi during their BDF days PIC: SKIK

The Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) says the pair of former president Ian Khama and his ally former director-general of the DIS, Isaac Kgosi have over the years been stealing and stockpiling firearms from the Botswana Defence Force and later the DIS.

The DIS is currently investigating the duo and from their investigations so far, according to Jet Mafuta, a police officer seconded to the spy agency and a lead investigator in the matter, it has emerged that some of the purported firearms were registered in their personal names under dubious circumstances and that most are arms of war. “There is a clear pattern in terms of which the two used their positions to either steal firearms belonging to government institutions such as the BDF and the DIS claiming that the said firearms were gifted by some ‘old friend’ whose further particulars were not disclosed or smuggled firearms and ammunition into the country,” said the DIS.

In a recent affidavit deposed to by Mafuta, in which they were seeking to continue their search against Khama, the DIS have alleged that Khama and Kgosi abused their positions to have illegally acquired firearms registered in terms of the Arms and Ammunition Act in spite of the fact that some of the firearms are arms of war, which should not be in the hands of civilians.

He explained that such firearms threaten the security of the country and for all they know, they could be similar firearms of war and related equipment in their possession which pose a threat to the security of the country. “This is particularly so given that they are no longer in power and there is no love lost between them and in the event that any firearms are found they are seized.

All of the firearms or ammunition in the possession of Khama are in his custody and the ballistic expert needs to physically examine the firearms to determine which of them are arms of war,” he said. With regards to the firearms in Khama's possession, the DIS says their investigations have revealed that he obtained some of the firearms under dubious circumstances where one was even alleged it was approved by former president Festus Mogae. “The former president Mogae has denied knowledge of this request or any other request made by Khama to get licensed firearm. We have been unable to establish how these firearms got into the country.

According to the preliminary report prepared by our ballistic expert on the basis of documentation and licenses supplied, two of the firearms fall under the classification of arms of war,” said the DIS. Furthermore, the unit says Khama has many other rifles and pistols which are not registered in the Central Arms Registry and also that as per a witness who worked closely with Khama for a long period, he used to collect firearms for him from the BDF, initially from the Military Intelligence and that the firearms were never returned to the BDF.

On Kgosi, Mafuta said he had reasonable grounds to believe that he had other firearms other than the ones which were seized from his house, some of which are arms of war, more so that during his tenure as the spy unit director-general he had unfettered access to the DIS armoury and he never signed for anything he took from the armoury. “Investigations have further revealed that in early 2018, Kgosi gave instructions for new rifles to be brought to his office for purposes of taking the same to Khama who allegedly wanted to have a feel of it.

The rifle was not signed for when it was removed and it was never returned to the DIS armoury. We are still to establish whether this is indeed the same rifle which was allegedly given to Kgosi by his old friend,” he said. The spy unit pointed out that from their investigations, it was clear Kgosi ran the unit like his personal company, together with his trusted subordinates.

Meanwhile, according to the DIS, some of the equipments in Khama's and Kgosi's possession should not be in the hands of civilians and that whoever has them in their possession threatened the national security. Mafuta explained that investigations are at an advanced stage, critical witnesses have been interviewed and statements obtained.

“More than 90 witnesses have been interviewed, including officers of the DIS, Botswana Police, clearing companies and couriers, Air Botswana, former president Festus Mogae, the BDF, senior government officials and many more," reads Mafuta's affidavit.

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