Critical time for road safety - Traffic director

A road accident along the A1 highway PIC: MORERI SEJAKGOMO
A road accident along the A1 highway PIC: MORERI SEJAKGOMO

The Botswana Police Service’s Traffic division has urged road users to exercise caution ahead of the coming long weekend. The plea comes as majority of people are expected to travel to various destinations to spend Independence holidays and the long weekend with their families and friends.

Director of Traffic, Senior Assistant Commissioner Katlholo Mosimanegape said accidents that occur as a result of drivers’ attitudes remain a concern as road accidents continue to claim lives.

He added as traffic police, they always sensitise motorists on road safety during road campaigns, but it is important that Batswana change their behaviour on the roads,

Mosimanegape revealed that majority of road fatalities that occurred in the past were as a result of unsafe overtaking, over speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol and general disregard of the rules of the road or road traffic signs amongst others.

“This is a critical time for road safety as majority of people are likely to travel to spend Independence holidays with their families and friends,” he told Mmegi.

“I plead with road users to exercise extra caution on the roads ahead of the long weekend. Speeding increases the chance of a collision resulting in injuries or death and drivers should know that a driver of a speeding vehicle has less time to react to road hazards.”

Mosimanegape assured the public that traffic officers as always are fully prepared to ensure safety on the roads.

However, the traffic boss said as the police they can do all it takes to ensure traveller’s safety but road safety begins with an individual.

He further stated that looking at what is likely to happen after September 30, they will deploy more officers on the streets and roads to ensure road safety is provided across the country.

“September 30th is likely to mark the end of State of Emergency (SoE) and we are ready to handle the situation on the roads. There will be patrols on the streets, villages, towns and on highways. Even if as the police we can ensure safety, road safety begins with an individual,” he said.

Moreover, Mosimanegape pleaded with motorists to plan their trips stating that planning comes with different factors. These factors include ensuring the vehicles they will be using are roadworthy, serviced and tyres are in good condition.

He stated that summer time is fast approaching and they have been coming across issues of tyre bursts. Hence he called for motorists to ensure their tyres are in good condition and of the same brand.

“I plead with those who will be taking long trips to have a rest before they could travel. There are some people with the habit of working the whole day and decide to travel long distances after knocking off. This is not advisable because we have lost lives in the past due to fatigue, drivers should have enough rest before driving long distances,” he said.

He implored motorists to respect each other as well as other road users. Equally, Mosimanegape advised drivers that they share the road with pedestrians, other motorists and should not insist on the right of way.

“Nowadays, when accidents occur it is not a matter of who caused them but how both drivers reacted to save the situation. We have since seen an increase in road accidents especially during month end weekends with alcohol-related accidents also remaining a concern,” he said.

“I am pleading with drivers to travel, make sure they arrive at their destinations and have a drink.”

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