'Children should know importance of education at early stage'

Portia Nkani
Portia Nkani

The Broadcasters Organisation (TBO) has been commended for its initiative to contribute positively to the lives of the young people.

Speaking at a Broadcasters Regional Summit in Mmathethe recently, Portia Nkani the TBO board director said children should learn and realise the importance of education in their lives at their earliest ages.  “Some children, however, may resist your efforts and insist on doing things their way. As a parent, your best teaching tool is your attitude,” Nkani said. 

“Having a positive attitude about reading and a curiosity about learning new things instills similar beliefs in your children. Show them that education is the ticket to fulfilling their dreams and having a productive life.” She encouraged parents to teach the value of education early in a child's life adding that children are naturally curious and observant. 

“If they see you reading books and newspapers, they may be wondering why this activity holds such interest. Tell them that they need to learn to read to be able to also share such enjoyment. Read to them often help them develop their language skills.” 

Nkani urged parents to explain to children that continuing their education will allow them to understand more about the world around them. 

“Introduce radio lessons, television channels and the computer to children. These three never fail to amaze, especially young children. Let them play and watch grade-level software games that will provide fun and entertainment. Emphasise to children that learning about computer use, videos and education go hand in hand.” 

Nkani said broadcasting platforms are evolving, with consumers not only watching television, but also accessing content through mobile, tablet and games console. There are also threats, not least the piracy of intellectual property in the digital age, as well as the recognition by other countries of the need to invest in content production. The theme of the Summit was ‘Education’.

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