Botswana, Angola foster relations

Molale and Neto cutting the cake
Molale and Neto cutting the cake

Botswana is committed to fostering its relationship with Angola, the Minister of Presidential Affairs and Public Administration Eric Molale said this at an occasion to mark Angola’s 40th Independence Anniversary in Gaborone on Wednesday. Angola attained independence in 1975, 10 years after Botswana also gained self-rule.

Officiating at the event, Molale said that Botswana attached great importance to the historical relations of the two countries. He said the two countries have shared cordial relations since 1975 and have been strategic developmental partners.

“We are proud of the continued cooperation between our two countries aimed at addressing our common development challenges which include increasing bilateral trade and investment, fostering improved health and education, energy and sustainable use of natural resources for development,” he said.

He said the two countries’ presidents, Ian Khama of Botswana and Eduardo Dos Santos of Angola, have demonstrated their serious commitment to foster close ties and cooperation between Botswana and Angola.

“I have no doubt that this continued interaction will afford our two countries the valuable opportunity to further strengthen and broaden the scope of cooperation between our two countries as well as promoting prospects for business and enterprise.”

Molale commended Angola for the promotion of the rule of law. He stated that Angola has consolidated the gains of independence by rebuilding their country through the establishment of strong institutions of governance, and other administrative structures. He said that Angola continues to make significant progress in pursuit of fostering a greater sense of national cohesion, peace and socio-economic progress.

Angolan Ambassador to Botswana, Jose Agostinho Neto, said his country has endured 40 years of immeasurable sacrifices and pain as well as invaluable achievements. He said the Angolan people celebrate their anniversary in security and political stability, essential for the growth and economic development of the country under the motto: “Independence, Peace, National Unity and Development”.

“In a spirit of national unity and harmony, Angolans can now enjoy the natural beauty that their vast territory offers them,” he said.

Within the scope of bilateral cooperation the two nations continue to exchange ideas and agree on bilateral relations aspects, which would open new perspectives and ways of revitalisation and deepening the cooperation ties.

“Our countries have different areas and fields for cooperation with reciprocal advantages for the sake of development of our economies, people and region, and the Okavango project is a good example of what the countries in the region can do together,” Neto noted.

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