BDP Caught Between TK, Makgato

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The feud between two Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) legislators, Tshekedi Khama and Dorcas Makgato has thrown the party into difficulty.

While the party secretary general (SG) Mpho Balopi had promised to speak to The Monitor about their position on the matter on Sunday ‘after church’, he never returned the call or answered subsequent calls. Executive secretary, Ame Makoba said Balopi was in the right position to respond to the question.

However, he stated that the party had called on the two parties to have a meeting. It will also deal with the issue internally.

Meanwhile, a widely circulating video in which Makgato who is Sefhare- Ramokgonami constituency legislator, is accused of having attacked founding president of the country Sir Seretse Khama has escalated. It has pitted Makgato and (Tshekedi) Khama against each other.

Khama, who is affectionately known as TK, and Makgato are both Cabinet and BDP central committee members. They also sit next to each other in Parliament.

The two are however far from being good friends since the fallout brought about by Makgato’s alleged attack on the late Sir Seretse Khama.

In her remarks at a BDP rally in Chadibe village recently, Makgato said: “ha e le gore rraago, o ne a nwa bojalwa bo bo mmolaya, o seka wa ta ko go rona o bo o re therefore…”  People concluded that the statement was an attack on the late Sir Seretse Khama. TK has not taken the statement lying down as he feels his late father was attacked and believes Makgato should explain herself to (TK) him and apologise.

“She was very irresponsible, my father passed on in 1980 when I was 22 years old. I just ask myself why a colleague, a fellow Cabinet minister and member of central committee brings up something from almost 40 years ago,” he said.

“I am worried that the BDP gave her the platform to say what she said and nothing has come from the BDP to say they approve or disapprove her behaviour. We need to know if the SG and BDP share the thinking.

It seems like it is acceptable. I hope she will reflect on what she said and come to her senses.” TK said President Mokgweetsi Masisi had called for them to meet before the press conference, but Makgato disregarded the call.

He said he would go to Makgato’s constituency to ask them if they sent her to behave in that manner. He said Makgato should suffer the consequences of her actions. In response, Makgato maintained that she was not talking about Khama as some suggest.

“He wanted to ask me a question as to who I was referring to and was told to confront me. I am still waiting for him and I will not answer to what he said about me in the media.

Everybody has his or her own agenda and mine is clear. I still challenge anyone to come forward and show me in where I mentioned the former president in the video.

It is for them to prove that I was referring to him,” she said. The feud looks likely to lead to TK finally joining his brother Ian Khama at Botswana Patriotic Front.

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